A Christmassy Question

 Driving home for Christmas

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my third Christmas post.


Before I really start getting into this post, I just want to let you all know a few things: first of all, I’m amazed how well the November overview posts went down with everyone, it’s not because I thought you wouldn’t like it, it’s just because I haven’t  done anything like that on here before and I was a little nervous on how it would be perceived. But there was no need to worry because you all loved it! THANKYOU!!! Also, we’re getting closer and closer to a massive 1,000 of us now. I can honestly not believe it and I am so amazingly grateful for you all, if it wasn’t for all of you then I wouldn’t be where I am now! I can’t wait until we hit the big number and can celebrate in style.


This post was supposed to be much later in the month, but when I was deciding on my post for today, I just felt like this would be a really lovely post to do and for you all to have a little read of. Today’s christmassy question is:



This question is something that is so personal to every single person out there, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this time will always mean something to you. It’s a time in the year when the world goes crazy and everyone and everything is Christmas related. From Christmas specials on the T.V to the Christmas music plugged every five minutes on the radio and the constant count down of how many days is left until Santa comes down your chimney and delivers your presents. I can only imagine how annoying it can be for someone who doesn’t particularly like Christmas, because even I- and I absolutely love Christmas- release how much everything just twists as soon as late November and December hits. Everything just becomes christmassy and if you don’t like it then this must be so irritating and frustrating, that you have to see it, hear it, even, smell it everywhere.


To me, Christmas is such a joyful and delightful time. I love all the adverts, T.V specials, the Christmas songs playing in the supermarket and most of all, the snow. Snow is something that I absolutely love and personally I think it makes Christmas if it does snow, especially if it snows right near the day.


 Another thing that I really love at Christmas time is family, family, for me, is what Christmas is all about. I love seeing them all on the day and getting cute little presents from them, that they are just so excited for you to open. To me this is something I find so exciting at this time. It’s just buying a present for someone and hoping that they will love it and wrapping it all nice and lovely for when they rip that paper to see a lovely little present for them to treasure. I love it even more when they don’t have a clue what they’re going to get and you are just waiting for their reaction. Obviously it’s not very nice when they don’t like it, but that’s just life and you just have to move on!


Finally, the thing that means the most to me at Christmas is the routine. I love doing my normal Christmassy things and being able to look forward to what we are going to do because I know we will do it because it’s the tradition. In my family we have a routine right from Christmas Eve. First of all, I usually go to someone’s house during the day because my mum is at work, but maybe this year I will stay at home with my dad! Then my mum loves to go to church and go and sing some traditional Christmas carols and have a good mince pie, as they are one of her favourite parts of Christmas. After that, we then go home and my aunty, uncle and sometimes some of their family come over. We watch Christmas specials, swell over the past and at around midnight open our first Christmas presents.  This is one of starts of my Christmas and I absolutely love it.


I’m not going to go over and over my normal routine, but I just wanted to let you all know what Christmas means to me and I would love to know what Christmas really means to you to!


Love you all



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