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I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my second christmassy post. This year I have tried to be really organised and planned a lot of my posts that I am going to do throughout December, so when you all click onto here you will see a new, festive post to have a good read of. Hopefully all the posts will be different and will appeal to everyone, not just the fashionista’s out there. I suppose as it is finally December I can reveal at  least a few themes of the upcoming posts, so you all can dream and wonder about it until the day it arrive’s on the homepage.


I’m the type of person that loves surprises, so I hate things getting ruined for me, when someone spills something about a present I’m getting or a film I’m going to watch. For me when you get told what happens in a film or what you’re going to get, the whole time you are just waiting for it and expecting it, but if it’s a surprise, then that will never be able to happen! So really I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you all, but, I’m planning some kind of festive baking post and a collaboration. I’m not spilling any more than that, sorry!! You will all just have to wait.


For this post, I’m going all fashion on you all and bringing you a post about the absolute favourite for Christmas time, CHRISTMAS JUMPERS! They are always a favourite at Christmas time, mainly because everyone loves to have something special to wear on Christmas day and look a bit stupid and silly. But lets face it, it’s one day out of 365 days of the year!


They seem to get more and more popular each year and more and more keep coming into the shops. So when I was trawling through the internet, to find the five best for a man, and the five best for a woman, I didn’t exactly find it really hard. There was quite a big range, to be honest that really did surprise me. I think it’s just because you can only wear them once a year or only one month in the year, so why really are they so popular?


I have tried to pick all different styles and tastes, so it just appeals to everyone really. Also some are more reserved and less in your face, as some are very over the top and exactly in your face. Anyway, I hope you like my festive Christmas jumper picks:



My Favourite

The one that I would pick to wear if I was a boy, out of all of these, it would be the vintage style robin jumper from ASOS. It’s so simple and actually looks classy, unlike a lot of Christmas jumpers. It’s the type of jumper that your nan would truly be accepting of, not in a bad way, at the end of the day they have a lot more fashion experience than you. I just love this jumper and I would even wear it!



My Favourite

The one that I would pick to have a place in my wardrobe would be the bauble jumper. It’s so sparkly and festive and something that I would love to wear on Christmas Day. Although it’s very pricey at a massive £50!! Maybe not worth the money but you would be able to wear it all of December!! I love it and if you purse can stretch a bit, it’s a great investment.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel inspired for what you want out of your Christmas jumper. See you all very soonie and enjoy any festivities that you may have planned.


Love you all



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