November Overview- Part 2

When You Wish Upon A Star

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first post of December. I can honestly not believe how quick this year has gone and that I’m actually writing this post knowing that this time in 24 days it will be Christmas day. It’s unbelievable. That’s why I think it’s even more important to over view the past month with part of “November Overview”.


Like I mentioned in part 1, November was a real hectic month for me. I’ve had extra dance practices in order for my show which I did last night and the night before, I’ve had tons of homework and revision to do, I’ve been helping out with the brownies and I have been looking after this little baby. Although I love being busy, November has been a bit too busy for my liking and I can’t wait to get a bit more me time this month. Also I can’t wait to be able to officially listen to Christmas music and not worry that I’m giving myself bad luck!


What I Have Enjoyed This Month

This month I have tried and tested quite a few things and actually really got into them. Firstly I will start with LUSH. As you may probably already guessed, that the first picture on the left in the little collage above is a LUSH bath bomb. Now this may be shocking to you all but before about 3 weeks ago I had never experienced a bath with a lush bath bomb. I know this may sound crazy. The truth is that I have just never got round to actually going in there and buying some. I’ve been there for gifts and with my mum but I’ve never had time to buy a few for myself. To tell you all the truth I absolutely love them! I had this one with was called cinders and smelt just like Christmas and another one which I can’t remember the name of, which smelt just like apples. On the outside it was really plain but on the inside it was bright blue and I even got a little note in it that said bang!


Secondly I’ll talk about Instagram! I think to be honest for the whole year I’ve been talking about needing and wanting to use Instagram more. I think instagram is really inspirational and good and I was sick of having really poor quality photos on there. So when I got an Ipad I just knew I had to use Instagram more and really get into properly. Now I have really used quite a lot I love it. All of these photos above are instagram photos!!!


Finally, I will talk about the picture in the top right hand corner. This was when I first put my background on my blog. When I did this I was feeling like my blog was getting old and a bit boring and cold, so I decided that to create some warmth I had to add a nice background. Since then I’ve not looked back and I think that it’s really helped with my ratings last month. I’ve changed it now for a more festive one but it’ll be back in the new year.


What’s gone on in rachelspick world

In november rachelspick world has been very busy. I have mentioned the fact of my ratings quite a lot and the fact that they were quite low for quite a big part of this year. I don’t know why but they have finally started to pick up after sooo much work and determination. We hit a massive 669 views and had 372 new people visit and have a look around. To be honest I’m so glad that they are finally starting to pick up and now I feel even more determined to pass the 1000 mark in one month.


Also last month we hit a massive 961 followers,WOW. I’m literally so excited to hit 1000 followers and I can reveal that I’m going to do a giveaway when that moment comes. I can’t even believe that 961 people follow my little blog and get an email every time I post. All I can say is thankyou and wow, again.


I hope you enjoyed my overview of november. I couldn’t of done it all without you!


Love you all



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