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Welcome! Whether you are a brand new reader, who has just seen this post on your twitter feed,facebook timeline or found me on google, or you have been reading rachelspick for a while. You will hopefully all know I love to start all my posts with a little life update or something that I want you all to know. So in true style of this, I thought I would do a whole post dedicated to these type of things. This post is going to be my little overview of November, what I have enjoyed this month, updates in rachelspick world, things I am looking forward to next month,anything I am going to try to do better as a person and blogger next month and lots more!


For me, November has brought sooo many things. I suppose this is why I am sitting here in my blanket with arms writing this post for you all. It has been one of the busiest month’s,of not only this year but of my whole life. I don’t think I have ever had such a busy schedule as I have this month. To be honest I really don’t even know where to start with this post, I have so many things that I want to tell you that “my minds like a scrabbled egg”, one of the phrases I have used a lot this month. Because I have mentioned that little phrase of mine,  I will start off by telling you all a few things about me and November.


 About Me

I’m the type of person that gets bored of my hair so easily, so I love to play around with new hairstyles and ways to do my hair. So this month I have well and truly brought back many hairstyles I have previously loved and have also come to find some I absolutely love.  First is all about the fishtail plait. Over the summer I loved this hairstyle because it’s so easy, looks really pretty and keeps your hair out of the way. So I brought it back later this month and have loved wearing it when I’m just lazing around or when I want a more casual look in the day. It’s something I think really suits me and something I will definitely be wearing in December.


Also I have loved just wearing my hair really natural. I have naturally straight hair so when I get up I don’t really have to do that much to it for it to look alright. This is something my best friends are so amazed and jealous of. I think it’s the fact that both of them have naturally wavy or curly hair, so they both have to straighten their hair in the morning or mess around with it to make it look half decent.  I have loved giving it a good brush, back combing it a bit, giving it a little jush and I’m ready to go.


Finally this month I have loved wearing a bow/ribbon. I have just pulled a bit if my hair back and pinned this bow in. It just looks so cute and girly and something that I have come to really love over November!


Secondly I will talk to you all about my style this month.

This month my style has been very warm,cosy and monochrome. I don’t really know why but I have loved buying anything monochrome that will go with everything. Monochrome is a trend that is so timeless and anything monochrome can be worn in any season and will never look old. I just love this style and will be carrying on wearing it throughout December, but hopefully with a bit of festive colour too.


What I’m Looking Forward Too

As it’s November the 30th, it obviously the first of December tomorrow.  I can’t actually believe that tomorrow I will be opening that very first door on my advent calendar, smelling the lovely chocolate and counting down 25 days till Christmas. I am honestly so excited for Christmas, it’s unbelievable! I’m just that type of person that absolutely loves anything festive and christmassy. I love snow and that’s something I really want to happen soon because it really signifies Christmas and winter, with snow fights, gloves and wellies. I love to see everyone all wrapped up warm and snuggly!


Something else I am really looking forward to is The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. Overall I have been going for about 4 years and every year I think it just gets better and better. It’s just a girl who loves fashion and beauty’s dream and it mine! The fashion shows are always one of the bets bits and the highlight of my visit. It’s the dancers, the theme of it and I don’t know just everything about it that I love. I’m so excited to see all the stalls and obviously purchase some things to add to my wardrobe. Hopefully I will take some pictures and do a post on it. If any of you are going then I hope you love it as much as I always do.


Finally, I am sooo excited for Wednesday. On Wednesday I am going to London with four other pupils from my school for a reception at the Houses Of Parliament. This is such a great opportunity for me to find out about business and talk to some MP’s. I’m not trying to brag or anything like that, all I want to do is share my experiences with you all. Hopefully I will also do a post on this, maybe not when we are actually in the houses of parliament but on the train and  when we are shopping and of course London at Christmas.


I have decided that this post will be in two parts, today and tomorrow. I will continue with the rest of my November tomorrow.


Love you all





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