Playing Around With Scrabble Letters

The Good Old Favourite

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a little inspiration post. This post is only going to be small but I just wanted to play around with a few things and take some pictures, and thought that I would just write a little post so I could share them with you all!


Scrabble letters are something that have become massive!! With the vintage, chic look being really in and up-cycling, people are trying to find ways of using old things and creating new things. So the scrabble letter is quite an obvious one. It’s just so iconic, everyone knows what its from when they see one and everyone wants something made out of one. Really it’s no surprise when suddenly people started catching on to this trend and digging out their old scrabble and having a little D.I.Y session.


At my mum’s young WI, they have a trading table where they all take different things that they no longer want and can trade it for something else on the table, for a small donation to the group. They don’t have to give anything or take anything, but I went with my mum the other day and someone had put on the table, two jars of scrabble letters. Being a big vintage chic fan, I just had to have them. I thought I could use them for pictures for on here and just in different little things.


Today I was just planning a few posts and saw them on my dressing table out of the corner of my eye. I just wanted to play around with them and see what words I could make and here are the results!


I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!!


Love you all



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