Is it just me that’s sick of personal style blogs??

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my first more controversial post. This post is based around something that I feel quite strongly about and it may become a little bit of a rant. But I won’t worry about that, because I know that you all like it when I go off on a bit of rant and really let you all know how I feel about something.


As you have probably already realised by the title of the post, today I am going to talk about personal style blogs and what I think about them.


Obviously rachelspick is a fashion blog, I am not going to deny that. But the thing that really gets me about fashion blogs is when they are almost solely based around personal style. I mean by this, that nearly all the posts are about  what the writer has worn or an “outfit of the day” post. For me when I click onto a fashion blog, after searching in general for them and I see that it’s a personal style blog, I almost want to cry inside. To be honest I’m not going say that I hate every personal style blog and they all make me feel like this, but when you’re constantly seeing personal style blog, after personal style blog, it does start to have that effect on you!


Personally, I think that when you have a fashion blog that when someone scrolls down all they see is “outfit of the day”, “monochrome”,”playing with colour”, it’s not only really boring, seeing them brag about how they can wear clothes and the fact of what clothes they own, it’s also really lazy. Just because, there’s not really that much thought that goes into that type of post and that it’s alright do occasionally but not every single time, it’s nice to have a variety.


I know that all of you may be thinking that I am a bit of a hypocrite right now!! I don’t know if I have ever really mentioned this but when I get older I would like to become a fashion stylist. Now, I know that for a stylist the job is about clothes and styling people and what goes with what. So you’re probably all thinking, why are you even writing this because surely you want to show you styling skills and how you style things. But the thing is, I do want to be a stylist and I’m not saying that I don’t think that outfit of the day style posts are good, all I am saying is that for me personal style blogs are boring and an easy way out of creating a successful fashion blog. Also, fashion is about so much more than just buying some clothes from the high-street and putting them together, this is a part of it but true style is when you take old and mix with new, create a new trend or step out of the box, not just standing in front of your shed and saying that you bought a new dress from Zara. Anyone can go and do that and pair it with some shoes! As truly talented people take it beyond that and create art, play with backgrounds, write a good load of text too and show their flare.


On the first picture it says “Fashion Blog Definition” but you can’t fully see the actual definition. So I thought after seeing this picture, that it would actually be quite interesting to know what the definition of a fashion blog is, so I took to Google and found it out:


Fashion Blog

“Fashion blogs are blogs that cover the fashion industry, clothings, and personal style.

For me this is so true and I totally agree with it. Fashion blogs should cover all parts of fashion:  personal style, the fashion industry and clothes,shoes, bags etc. There are just so many parts of fashion and personal style is just one part of it. I’m not going to say whether someone should keep posting these type of posts on their blog or not but all I can say is that I think it’s boring and it’s not just me that thinks this either. Also I’m not going to say that my blog is perfect and covers all parts of fashion and I will admit that I still need elements of certain things on my blog such as personal style, I am working on this and hopefully soon you will see a personal style post on here. But don’t worry it won’t be a really regular thing.


I hope you enjoyed this post and that I didn’t offend anyone. All i wanted to do was share my opinion and cover a subject a lot of bloggers talk about.

Love you all



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