November Wishlist

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my November wishlist! I haven’t done one of these for soo long it’s ridiculous. I’ve done quite a few gift guides, but I haven’t done a wishlist, of things that me personally, would like to buy. This post has been something that has been in my post diary since the first of November and I just kept moving it, until today, when I actually feel like I have something to put on my wishlist. I know for some people they always have something that they “wish” for, but as it’s only just been my birthday and I got money, gift vouchers and a lot of things I wanted, I have kind of bought a lot of things especially clothes wise, that I wanted. So this wish-list will not be that much based around clothes I want, but on other little interior things, especially ones for Christmas! As I’m already so excited!


For me wishlists are quite exciting things, because I love seeing what other people want! Not only because I’ m such a nosey person , but also, because I might see something that I want to buy. I suppose it’s kind of like a mini shopping catalogue! But, a shopping catalogue that you actually want to buy from, not one of those horrible ones that has all old people’s clothes in. Not like that lovely grey, sweater vest that your grandma bought you from that book she gets through the post. Then you have to act like you love it!


This time of year is always my favourite, just because I am such a winter person. I love everything winter, such as snow, the cold, Christmas, comfy jumpers, absolutely everything except rain. Winter is just a lovely time for me and a time that I always look forward to. There is just so much to love in the winter for me; snow, something I absolutely love, Christmas, which I am so excited for this year because I can not wait to listen to Christmas music and wrap all my presents for people really nicely. Also, in the winter it’s my birthday,something every one loves, and I do my annual dance show. I mentioned this in my last post,” life insight”, so I won’t go into too much detail about it other than it’s something I always love doing and look forward to it every year.


 Life Insight post:


 Baubles, Lights and Heart- Wilkinson’s,

Candle -Yankee Candle

Hat- Primark


As you can see, some of the interior items are from Wilkinson’s. While I was searching for a few items I really liked in the new Christmas shop, I saw some gorgeous Christmas interior gems that are to die for. The good thing about these items and Wilkinson’s  in general is that it’s so affordable. All the prices are sooo great and are a good quality so they will last a good few years. But the best thing is that the items are so beautiful and are things that are making me want to go and have a shopping spree for Christmas in Wilkinson’s.


These cute little bath products from LUSH are also to die for. All LUSH’s products are natural and smell so gorgeous that all you want to do is have a nice long bath. It definitely is bath season, when you want to in that warm water and have a real good soak. So to make your bath extra special, you need some extra special bath companions such as: this cute little snowman, shooting star bath bomb, silver stars and little Santa’s grotto, all from LUSH!!


Love you all



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