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Welcome to a little extra post!! For the first little extra post, I thought i would go for a classic and go for something that I did right back when I first started blogging, quotes of the day! This post was something I use to post everyday and was something that started it all off for me, so really, it’s very special and close to my heart. I have mentioned this several times before, but I am a person who loves quotes and they are really the thing that helps me through life. Especially when your a girl, you can get so caught up in something and forget that there’s other things in the world and that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. So by having all these little quotes, it helps to realise, that life’s what you make of it, don’t just float along, get the boat and throw it into the sea and row away.


This time I decided to do this post a little bit differently. Mainly because I am sick of the old way and I wanted to create a different twist on the post because I’m bringing it back. Also, I am a really visual person and my mind always remembers things better when it’s in picture form.


Images from we heart it<3

I know that usually in these posts I just include 1 or 2 quotes and a picture that will go with it. But, like I said, i wanted to do something different, so I have chosen 5 quotes that I think are really relevent to me right now and some that you should all know too. They are all quotes that I think are quite important, especially the one about not giving up. Life throws many things at you and I know that it can all seem to much and get on top of you, but don’t give up. It’s just testing you and you are completely capable of being able to get through any bad time.


Recently I wanted a change, so I changed up my ipod and changed both my lock screen and home screen. I found this great quote: “Don’t let your dreams just be dreams”, this really makes me think everyday, about the fact that everyone has dreams but they will never come true as dreams, you need to act on them and do something to achieve them. This was why I picked the first quote, because I think it’s really relevant right now and something everyone needs to really know!


Love You All



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