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I honestly can not belive that I am sitting here on my bed, writing this post, in november 2013. I can not believe that yet another month has gone by and we only have two months left of 2013, where has the year gone! It feels like 5 minutes ago,  when I went to center parcs with my family in January, yet that was 11 months ago!!! WOW! This year really has gone quick and I can not believe that it’s the 2nd of november already.But, before I feel like I can move on to November properly, I would just like to ask you all if you had a good halloween and generally had a good or bad october. I had a good halloween and a great october, life has been kind to me recently, so hopefully that carry’s on! Not just for me, but for all you too!


Recently I have been working on a post diary, so I don’t get stuck for ideas for posts and they are not just comepletly random to how I feel that day. This way I know what i am going to write a couple of weeks in advance and then I have time to think about what I want to say and to take pictures and things. But this post was really random. I saw a quick youtube video and it mentioned about the fact that Primark has a new website, well obviously by this blog being mainly fashion based, I knew I needed to have a post about it.


The old primark website was absolutley dreadful, it was not helpful at all. There was just so many things that I hated about it, like you could not see any of the actual stock properly or the prices. Also it was really hard to navigate around and not really a website you expect from such a popular high-street shop. It was shockingly bad and I honestly thought it was pointless. So when I heard that Primark had a new website, I was just so glad and excited to go and have a look.


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Primark’s website has always been something that I really hated about the shop. Because I am a fashion blogger and constantly looking online at clothes, I like to see what I like online and then look for them in the actual shop, and buy them. But with primark you could never do this, because the old website never use to show you a real range of the stock in the shop. So when I went to primark it was just completely blind and I didnt know if there was anything I actually liked or if it was a waste of time. I know for some people they like this and find this the best bit about shopping, but for me, I like to have a rough idea of what is in the shops and the prices of something, before I go shopping.


So when I found out about the new primark website, I was one happy girl!! I was just sooo happy that they had finally sorted it out and that they were a lot more in par with every other high-street shop. I know that being online is not the be all or end all, but it’s 2013 and technology is such a big part of lives, that I can’t understand why you would’nt want your website to be amazing. Especially as primark is very much A british thing and europeans can not go into a primark as easily as we can, you would think they would want a big pressence on the interent. But, instead of me carrying on ranting about why they did’nt already have a great website, i will inform you on the new and improved one!

eprimark new website

The new website shows you all the new products really clearly and is super quick at updating when new stock arrives. Also it shows you how much any item is and when the item was posted on the website. When you click on any item it comes it with a mini profile of the item, which includes things like: whether it’s in store or not, a little about the item and a place to find your nearest store.



The new website has a unique feature called “primania”! This is a social platform for anyone to share their primark looks. I can just tell this is going to become so popular with bloggers and will soon be copied by many other high-street shops, because it’s such a great idea and it helps people with styling the items that they have bought. All the pictures include at least one primark item and they have different categories for different trends to help with the navigation of the whole thing.



Also Primark has been working with a few bloggers to bring the best out of Primark. Bloggers are just so popular now and so many brands really value their opinions and know how they influence people. Many people read blogs and really trust bloggers opinions, that’s one of the reasons why I always try to be honest, so when they do something with a brand and talk about it postively, it helps not only the brand but also the blogger.


Here Primark has worked with blogger becca rose from voussontbeauetbelle. She is an amazing blogger and youtuber and is a real woman with a real shape that many girls look upto. You all need a bit of her in your life.


Her blog:


Her channel:


I hope after reading this post you all go and have a good look around the website and you love it as much as I do!


Love you all



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