Style Bible #7- The Key To True Glamour

Hello Lovelies


I’m back with another edition of style bible! Style bible is always a popular post and after looking through my previous posts for my post planning, i saw this post and knew I had to do another one. This post is inpired by a book I have called ” How be to adored” by Caroline Cox. I love this book and base my post around one of the pages in the book,use it, and my own ideas to build a for you all to enjoy .


Also I would like to say how pleased I am about my third “an outfit for £50” post. I mentioned the fact of how the second one of that series went down hill and how i wanted to get it back on track, so all I can say is, that it is  well and truly back on track, thanks to every single one of you!!


The term glamour means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some glamour is to be comepletly made up and to be wearing an amazing outfit, to some it’s about making an effort and wanting to look and feel great, but what everyone needs to know before any of that, is what true glamour is. True glamour is the basis to every other definition/view of glamour and is needed before anything else. But true glamour is what every girl needs to know about and be able to act on.


Glamour is term very close to my heart. I see my self as a very glamourous person, I love to dress up, wear heels, bring out my favourite dress and feel great. But to me glamour is not just a materialistic thing, it’s something can not be bought, it’s something from inside, you either have it or you do’t. nBut I also see that you can develop it over time if you truly believe in your self and that you can do anything you desire.


So what I want everyone to know is that although glamour can mean so many differnet things, really it’s just about accepting your self and being truly great!



  • Be yourself.

  • Glamour is not all low-cut gowns and the slinky look. Blue jeans can still make you look attractive.

  • Before you can convince others that you’re attractive, you’ve got to to believe it yourself.

  • Enjoy the fact you’re a woman and men will enjoy it too.

  • Trust your instincts-don’t ask other woman’s advice on how to dress!

  • Skim fashion magazines until you find someone who’s has you rtype of style and base your look around there’s.

I hope that you all take these tips on board and become an ultimate glamourous woman.


Love you all



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