An Outfit For £50 #3

Red Alert

Hello Lovelies


Firstly I would just like to say WOW to the response for my halloween posts. I did try to really push the boat out and do something different, so I’m glad that you all loved it. Thankyou for the support and I love you all.


I was just scrolling down my homepage and looking for a idea for a post for today and I saw this. This post was quite popular the first time I did it and then went a bit down hill the second time, I think that was mainly because I was a bit lazy with the look and went really casual. I thought that you  would like something different, but I do know that you all love it when I go full on fashion!! So after that little blip, I’m back and with a corker of an outfit for you all, but I have over spent a little.


This season red is well and truly back! Whether it’s a full on red dress or just a hint of red lipstick, it all counts towards the red alert trend and adds the ultimate pop of colour to an outfit. Red is known for sultery, sexy vibes and with everyone going mad for a bit of red, every day sexiness is back! You all need to watch out because you may meet someone with a hint of red, who may just surprise you!


With red being a real statement this season and plaid being a big trend, mixing them together has to be a success! So for this outfit on a budget I have incorparated this mix and added a bit of sutle sexiness to today’s post.


1.White Fashion Addict Print Oversized T-Shirt £15.00- River Island

2.Sequin Dogtooth Clutch £25.00- Accessorize

3.Red Tartan Scuba Midi Skirt £17.99- New Look

Now if you have done your maths, you will see that I stretched the purse a bit, but I personally think it’s worth it! Personally I think this outfit looks a lot more than it actually is. All the elements look liek they were a lot more money than they actually were, and they all look really chic and on trend.


Firstly, this clutch from Accessorize is just so beautiful and is worth the money and more. When I went to London yesterday, I saw this sitting in the Accessorize window and absolutely fell in love with it. So when I writing this post, I just knew that I had to get this bag to go with this outfit. I did’nt just choose it because I love it, but also because it brings the whole outfit togther. I love this bag!!


Secondly, this tee from River Island is so chic and the perfect contrast to this outfit. With the chic black and white print and contrasted with the bright red plaid skirt, it looks amazing. I also love the slogan and the fact that it talks about fashion and this outfit really agree’s with the statement, because a fashion addict would definetly be seen wearing this! If your a fashion addict, you need this top, and at only £15, it’s a great price!!


Thirdly, this midi skirt is gorgeous. It looks so much more than it actually is and if you want to get in with the plaid trend but not pay to much for the privalage then this is the ticket. This skirt is just a great price and something that you will just find your self addict to this winter. I love it!!!


So after showing you what you can get for your money and explaining it all, I now need to let you know how you can be a savy shopper and get more for your money. Therefore here’s another 4 tips to help you along your savy shopper journey:


  • Check on the shop you want to buy at’s website!

Recently a few of the high- shops have been doing were there are offers on certain things for a limited time, such as: £10 off all coats or £20 off all jumpers. *these are not real offers, I am just giving an example.


  • Go and shop in mid-season sales.

River Island and Forever 21 are just a few places having these right now. You can get amazing on trend fashion but at a discount!!


  • Don’t buy an item unless it goes with three things in your exisiting wardrobe.

  • Use accessories to change up an outfit and create multiple looks.

I hope you find these tips helpful and you can become a better savy shopper. Also that you feel inspired by the look for £50 and know more what you can get for your money.


Love you all



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