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Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second of my halloween posts!


I know that, when I do themed posts that they can get boring! So I thought that this time I would try and keep them really close together and do something really interesting. Also I would just like to thank you all on the support for my last post. It was much more popular than I expected and after my daily ratings being down for the last few days, it was a real boost. I love you all and I hope you like this post as much as the last one.


When I first had the idea of doing a halloween post/s, I just knew that I had to do something crafty! I didn’t have a clue what and so I spent about 45 minutes just walking around my house looking for inspiration after failing to get any from Pinterest.( That made me sad because usually I find loads of inspiration on pinterest, but on this occassion it kind of let me down.) Anyway, so after walking around the house like an idiot for ages, getting hissed at by a horrible cat that likes to sit on my shed and going outside in my py’s, I finally got inspiration from two empty fanta bottles sitting in my kitchen. I know it sounds weird, but I am only telling you the truth.


So after finding inspiraton from two empty drink bottles, I decided that I was going to make little lanterns with the bottom of them. I know for some people right now, they are probably thinking that, how the hell can I see how to make a lantern from a bottle. The truth is, that I am just a real creative person and I can get an image from my head into what I create physically really well. I am always being creative and love making something out of nothing, that you can then use and treasure. At the end of the day you treasure and enjoy the things you have made the most, because you appreciate the making of it and always look at it and think ” I made that”!


When I started out, I really had absoutely no clue how I was going to get to what I wanted. So I really just improvised and saw little things around the hosue that I thought would work great and then just worked around them. STOP, Wait!!


So instead of carrying on and telling you everything that I did to get to the result I did, I will just get on with it and tell you how to make one for your self.


What You Need

  • An empty drinks bottle e.g Fanta

  • Coloured tissue paper

  • Some kind of string/ribbon/wire

  • Black felt or paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Hole Puncher

  • Super Glue

  • Ruler

  • Tea light or Electric candles

1.Get your bottle and cut in the desired place, just below half way. As it’s quite hard to just cut the bottle, it may help you to just squash the bottle at the top and cut it like that!!

2. Take a piece of tissue paper, indeally 23cm high by 33cm long. I used a Craftworks indivual sheet pack from The works. Then cut it in half.

3. Wrap the tissue around the bottle piece and tuck the excess over the top to create a rough guide line for later.


 4. Take the tissue paper off the bottle and lie the tissue paer flat on the table. Cut pieces of about 2 cm thick and using super glue spread a line down th bottle.


5. Now stick the tissue paper on and using the rough guide line, bend the excess over the top of the bottle and stick in down on the inside with a bit of glue.


6. After the first piece has been put on, spread glue along on side of the tissue paper and attach the next piece using the same process as before. Now repeat this until all the bottle is covered.


7. Look at inside the bottle and check all the ends are stuck down.


8. Now decide where you want the handle to be and mark either side with a pencil. Then hole punch where the marks roughly are.


9. Now cut a piece of string, ribbon or wire for the handle. For a short one it should be ideally 20cm and a longer one would be around 40cm.


10. Put the string through the holes and put glue on about 2cm on either end and stick it down on the inside. Don’t worry if the holes don’t go right, still do the same thing and it should be fine.


11. Then cut out a face to put on your lantern, this can be from black felt or black paper and stick it on with super glue.


12. Finally put a candle in it. I have used electric candles but you could use tea lights but I think they may not like the tissue paper and it could cause a fire, so I would recommend getting some electric candles, you can get them from loads of places for usually about £2-£3.


halloween craft 14

halloween craft 13


I hope you love these little lanterns as much as I do. They look lovely when it’s dark and they are so easy and cheap!!


Love You All



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