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Welcome to my Halloween post!


First of all, I would just like to say thankyou for all the support for the new post idea, it has been really popular and has been sitting high on my “Top post and pages” column in my side bar, since I wrote it two days ago. When I write a post I never know how popular it is going to be, it’s just guess work really, so when I wrote that life lesson post I honestly thought that it would not be that popular, because personal posts don’t really do that well on here normally, but you all proved me wrong and I am so glad because I really enjoyed writing it and putting it together. Also by you all loving it I am able to write more of them, in fact, I have already got one up my sleeve for in a few weeks time.


After seeing many Youtube videos and looking at lot’s of blog posts, all inspired by something halloween, I thought I needed to jump on the band wagon and write one my self.But the one trouble that I had was, that I had absolutely no idea what to do!!! So I took my self to the good old internet for some inspiration. After reading a post on IFB (Independent fashion Bloggers) I saw this idea and it just stood out to me. It just seemed the right type of post to do because gift guide’s are always popular on here and also i love shopping around for little gifts for people, so it fit perfectly, not just for me but for all you too.


At halloween everyone wants to have some ghostly fun! Whether that’s going on a ghost walk, having a halloween party or going to some kind of fright fest. Halloween is a time of heart stopping fright but unbelieveable fun, I guess that’s why we all love it soo much. But over the year’s especially in the U.K halloween celebrations have changed, most of us have said goodbye to trick and treating for something bigger and better like special fright nights or ghostly walks. But one thing that we still all want is sweets, chocolate and anything sweet.


Images sourced from We Heart It.


So keeping in mind the new british ways of celebrating halloween, I have come up with a gift’ guide to complement that. All the gift’s  range from £1- £10, so perfect for any halloween celebration and especially good for a small token at a halloween party for people to take home. They are a range of different things to compliment everyone’s needs and desires for a halloween goodie.


1. Natalie Chocolates Mixed Bag of Praline Pumpkin Chocolates £5.00- John Lewis

2. Screme Egg Mini’s Bag £1.95- cadburygiftdirect.co.uk

3. Pumpkin Bubble Bar £2.75 each – LUSH Cosmetics

4. Tombstone Cookie and Pen £7.95 – Harrods

5. Witches Brew £6.75 – Yankee Candle

6.Cupcake and Pick Kit £6.00 – John Lewis

7. Pelican Bay Make Your Own Caramel Apple Set £6.50 – John Lewis

8. Pumpkin Treat Bag, Orange £4.50 – John Lewis

I hope you like this post and feel inspired to buy some little halloween goodies.


Love You All



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