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So I’m back and with another style post. After the zoella’s style post and how popular it was I knew this type of post had to become a regular thing and that I had to do another. The first post was so popular that  I had to think very carefuly about who I was going to feature in the next post, this was a hard  decision but I decided to go for someone who is becoming a front runner in the youtube fashion world, Tanya Burr!


If your in-tune with everything online then you will know this fabulous lady, if you don’t then you definetly need to because she is so up and coming and someone that every woman needs to know about. She is a qualified make-up artist and spend many of her earlier years developing this and has now developed on to work on her online career. She is loved by many girls around the world and she truly is the most amzing person, personality wise and beauty. I saw her when I went to london a couple of weks ago, she looked fabulous and some of this inspired me to write this post.


Tanya over the years has become a real front runner in the online fashion world! With her often being pictured on the red-carpet for various films and becoming co-presnter of very.co.uk’s online style videos, she is very fashion forward. She is starting to become the the ultimate package, she can do wonders with everyone elses make-up and her own and is developing a great sense of style for her shape. She is very inspirational and why I wanted to feature her in one of these posts.


Tanya’s style is very much centered around creating a shilouette and excentuating her curves. She has a very womanly everything would figure and not look right on it, so it makes her style even harder to feature as I don’t have her right here to try things on her. So I have picked a few essentials to her look!

  • Heels

For tanya heels are a big part of herstyle because she is short and wearing heels, it does not only make her taller it also makes her legs look longer. She is always on the go to meetings, photoshoots and meet-ups, so she needs to look professional and smart, yet comfortable and suitable for all the differnet situations.


  • Statement Necklaces

These are really key to tanya’s look because she uses them to keep her smart outfits young and modern. She also can add them when she wants a differenet edge to a outfit, especially when she has such a variety of places to go.


  • Skater

Skater dresses and skirts are really key in tanya’s look. They are an ideal shape for her body and she is very often seen in something skater. They create an ideal silhouette for her and covers her curves in the exact right way. If you wnat tanya’s look then you definetly need some of this.


  • Statement Colour

Tanya is nearly always seen a statement colour! Whether thats a blue playsuit or a pair of red shoes, any statement is good for tanya. Her love for bright colours is a key to her style and something I had to pick up on!


Another thing that you need to know in order to be able to nail tanya’s look is where she likes to get her clothes from. She is quite open about where she shops and she is often doing hauls especially with Zoe. Her and zoe share some of their favourite shops but tanya is a bit designer that zoe.


  • Topshop

  • Very.co.uk

  • Ted Baker

Her style is quite hard as I mentioned earlier, because she has a womanly figure and I don’t have her here to try on clothes with me, so I don’t whether something will actually look ok on her figure but I have chosen items that fit her sense of style and one outfit which if i was to style her I would try on her. I am not sure if it will look right but it’s like a little wild card.


Outfit 1

PicMonkey Collage

Wild Card

PicMonkey Collage 3

Outfit 2


I hope that this post is just as popular as the Zoella one!! I loved finding about tanya style so I hope you do.


Love you all



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