This Season’s Colours

Which colour will you be wearing this season?

Hello Lovelies


This season I feel like there’s so many colours and styles around that I am not really sure what I want to go for. Winter is one of my favourite times of the year because  I just love winter fashion, but I always find it hard to find my own indivual winter style. I am bad winter fashion wise and I am often a victim of leggings and uggs. But this year I want to really step out of that box and find a style for this winter which I will truly love and will be really excited to wear every time I go to get dressed.


At this time of the year I always end up with my winter wardrobe being a little lacking. I am often needing something new to add to my wardrobe and that is normally trousers and jackets. I dont know why but I never seem to be able to find a nice pair of trousers I realy like and often never find a few jackets that I like too. But hopefully this year I will be able to truly find these things my wardrobe is dying for. I am going to London on a trip next week and I just love the clothes shops there, they just seem to be so much better and have made so much more effort there compared to here in central england. They often have better window displays, range of stock and the shop is set out better, I don’t why anything or things are like this in London but they are, so if you can’t find it her ethen to london I go!!


When I have just been mainly browsing in the shops I have been looking in them and they all seem to have their own style for this winter going on. I suppose that is what inspired me to write this post and to inform you what this season’s colours really are, the base of your winter fashion knowledge and then you can build your style around that really.


This year the colours are going all pink, purple, red and dark blue on us. They seem to go from the lighest shaed of our true girly colour to the darkest of the true manly colour. So can we really pull that extremity off??


Petal Pink

This is a really light pink that would also be called or known as a Baby pink. It is a sweet and girly touch to this seasons harder colours, you need a piece of this!










Strawberry Milkshake

The classic strawberry milkshake colour that will make any outfit pop and any boy blush. This is the ultimate girly colour and a must have this season in your wardrobe, treat yourself!









Red-Velvet Crumbs

This luxurious rich, dark purple is the most gorgeous colour you will have in your wardrobe this season. With a few other jewel tones and a bit od sparkle you will be un-stoppable in this amaizng colour.








Stormy Sky

This lighter purple is slightly more playful and will be more suitable for day wear. This and red-velvet crumbs will go lovely togther, a few shades of purple together look great.


Flower Crown-






These are just four of this season’s colours. These will be a great addition to your wardrobe and something that will hopefully inspire you to start creating your winter look, complelty unique to you. This will be the first of two posts, so look out for the second one!!


Love you lots



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