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Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the my fith birthday post!!


I know I have been a really bad blogger and not posted for such a long time!! But I am back now and hopefully back for good. School has just been so demanding the last few weeks and with having my birthday and all the celebrations, I have just had no time at the minute!! Anyway I hope you like this post and whne I told my best friend I was going to do it. she said “yes yes, I love those posts” so I hope you all love it too and if Caitlins reading this now, this is for you!


This year I never really asked for anything particular. I suppose I just indicated a few things I like and people just went alog with that and the fact I love fashion. The only thing I really asked for was vouchers, any type of voucher so I could go out and buy some new clothes and add to my collection of fashion and beauty bits. As I said this I honestly thought that I would have sooo many vouchers but luckily I did’nt have as many as I thought  but I did end up with loads of swets and chocolate!!!


My birthday was last Tuesday and a few days before usually you get a few cards through the post and then open them on the day but I only had one, I felt a bit unloved, but over the week I got cards from friends and family and in the end I had a lot and everyone gave me really nice cards and some had really thought about passion in life, shopping and fashion. One card my aunty bought me even had “passion for fashion” written on it. I must amit all my friends and family do know we really welll and all did an amazing job with my presents.


So instead of me carrying on I will show you what I actually got and then I have a little explaning session!












I just love all my pressie’s so much. They are all sooo nice and everyone knows me so well to buy we all these lovely things.


AS you can see I had a lot of sweets and chocolate which I have not even started on and some I have not even put in thsi post. There is just tooo much to all put in but I love every single thing. I also can not wait to go out and shop with my money and my giftcards, esecially the mac one as I just love mac.


I hope you like it!

Love Rachelx


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