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You want to be the star of your own show

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the third post in my birthday week. Sorry I have not post for ages but I hope I can come back with a bang!


For the third post, the lucky number, I am going back to my roots and were going down the fashion route. We all want to look fabulous when it’s our birthday and we definetly don’t want to be outdone. That’s something that no girl can do with!! So the only way to get to be the star of your own show, is to look absolutely jaw-dropping. But I know it’s not always the case. We all have these days where we are going out and want to look fabulous, but then we get ready and it dosent go to plan. Ending up orange, having a bad hair day and the dress you were planning to wear is dirty!! Life is never easy!


But I want to be your little fairy fashion Godmother and help you out with this one. I want the glamour disasters to be a long gone thing and you all to look stunning on your day.


My family love to take photos, I know that this is a great thing and we can remember all our experiences, but if you look not your best then it’s not a good thing. I hate it when there’s a horrible photo of you plastered on facebook and then it lingers on your profile for the rest of your living life. I just hate it and it really annoyes me. All that stress just because someone took a photo of you and then didnt show you or tell you until you see it for your self. I know I am getting a bit over the top about it but it is annoying, so I always try to look my best and not just because of the photos but because I love being glamourous.


I have decided to give you all a few tips towards avoiding the glamour disasters:


  • Choose what your want to wear and set it out.

  • Check that everything you want to wear is clean.

  • Ensure that you have any make-up you need.

  • Wash your hair and have a shower before or the morning before.

  • Practise your hair and make-up a few days before.

Images from We Heart It <3


I know that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to wear when it’s your birthday meal or party. You want to look pretty, femine and lovely but not like a little girl or a nun. So it’s a really hard decision to make when your deciding what to wear. Also you have to consider who you are going out with and whether your going out out after the meal or whatever you are doing. The thought of this and deciding what to wear makes me think about myself and what I need to wear for a meal I am going to tonight!!


Bearing this in mind I have styled a few outfits to get your creative juices flowing!!


Outfit 1

outfit 2

Outfit 2

quotfit 1

Outfit 3

PicMonkey Collage

I hope these inspire you and please take from this to be prepared, even though I’m always not!!


Love you all



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