My Birthday Wishlist

!It’s birthday week!

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the first of my birthday week posts!!!


My birthday is in exactly 4 days in the date, but 3 days in day, if you know what I mean. Honestly I am already being so confusing so I think this post may be a bit confusing and ranty, but I’m just soooo excited. I just can’t belive that it has finally come around and you know when you know something is going to happen but your kind of not really with it, that is exactly how I feel. I have just been so busy these last couple of days that I have barely had time to think, despite get excited about the fact of my birthday.


Despite that I have only just been able to sit down and now I am feeling really excited sitting here and writing this for you all.


I was sitting down and having a conversation with my best friend earlier this week and we were talking about the fact that my blog is not that personal. This really made me think and I agreed with her and said that it wasn’t, but I also said that I find personal posts are not that popular. So I don’t really know how you all feel about personal posts. I know that they can be boring but I also want to share my experiences and memories with you when the time is right. But don’t worry I will still be sticking to my passion.


This month is always a really special, fun time for me, as I was born in this month. Also one of my best friends Lucy, who this time last year I was not even friends with, is also born in this month. My mum and her mum where in the same anti-natal classes together and me and lucy were there in our mum’s tumies tooo. We are only 5 days apart and I find that it’s great to have a friend to share my birthday month with and only having 5 days between us. It feels like I have known Lucy for ages and I love her. I don’t know whether she will kill me for this or love me for it but I know she reads my little space so I thought I would share that with you all. Me and Lucy have some great little things together and call each other baby walter and baby disney. It’s just a thing that we have, and a long story to tell you how it came about, but I just love it.<3


Also I am going bowling and having a meal with my friends this year. Some of them that are coming I have not seen for about 6 months and I miss them. So this has made my birthday so exciting that I can spend time with them and see them again. I just love making memeories and I really want to be get into documenting my life more. I want to take loads of photos and then look back and re-live that memory all over again. I really do need to pull my finger out and hopefully I will be able to start by documenting my celebrations, if they will let me take pictures of them all. You know who you are. Then you can share the moment with me, that makes it 5 thousand times better!!!!!


Images from We Heart It  <3


After the more personal side to the post I thought I would get on with the title of the post and the proper purpose.


I thought I would let you all know about a few things that I would like for my birthday, my wish-list of you like. I’ve found that I don’t really want anything in particular this year, so I have just chosen a few things I have got my eye on. They are something I like the look of but don’t know if I will actally get them or not.


Any wishlist and gift guide posts are always so popular on here and I dont really know why. All I can persume is that I am generally quite good at presnet buying and my friends often just say by ,e whatever you have good taste. I know hat people want and what people wouldnt wnat and I know what it’s like when you have to pretend you like something that you hate. It happpens to everyone. I hope that didn’t sound big headed!!


So instead of making my head even bigger I will get on and show you what I have on my wish-list.


LoverDose Tattoo

This perfume is something I have liked the look of as soon as it came out. I am nearly always with my Aunty when she buys aftershave for my uncle and cousin and she picked up a disel one for my uncle last year. It smelt so nice. So when I saw that a girl version wa sout I just had to smell it and I love dthe name and the heart shaped bottle.


Then in glamour magazine this month there was a smaple of it, where you open the flap and smell it. I instantly fell in love with the smell and I just want it now. I don’t really buy perfume for my self, I just always get bought it, so I never really get the change or the need to buy it for my self. So now I have the oppurtunity I want to buy it or maybe get bought it!!!


These rollers attracted my eye because they are pink. I have been wanting some new rollers so my hair can be big and beautiful and I saw these and they were pink and glittery. I don’t really want these ones as they are sleep-in rollers but I would love to have some pink ones.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub and Buttercream

These are something I would really like! I have seen so many favourites videos and blog posts on these and bloggers raving about them and I really want to try. I need a new body shrub and mosterizer so these will be perfect and soap and glory are the most amazing skincare brand ever. All their products are so amazing and this brands products would be great for a gift for somone you were unsure hwat to buy for. I hate toiletries but not these ones!!


These beuties are a favourite of mine. They are from H & M and they are so beautiful but they dont do my shoe size. My feet are tooo big and this makes me so sad because I absolutely love them and they transparent heel with the detailing. It makes me sad even talking about them.


You all really need a pair of these style boots in your life. I have a plain black pair and they are just so confortable and look great with anything. I also think they make you look elegant but not too girly and great for winter glamour. A must-have!!

Gift Cards

This year I really want gift cards. I have always got a few gift cards but this year I want to have a few for a few differet places. I love them because you can go and spend in your favourite shop and still not break into your money. They are just a great thing for any clothes lover and then you buy whatever you want on them.


I hope you like this post. I know it’s long but it’s personal and I have loved writing it.


Love you all



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