The Over-sized Coat

The perfect cover-up for this season

Hello Lovelies


I just thought I would say thank you to you all for the great support for the “Key Staple Items” post. I know that I had not posted for quite a while and I was unsure whether people would come back! But you all did, that’s why I really love you all. I could never do this without you.


Also another month has gone by!! WOW, where did September go! I remember back when I was writing the Crazy sweat post, I a posted a few pics about September and what I hoped would be of September and now it’s gone for 2013. But my favourite time of the year is here because it’s my birthday month. I just love the wintery feel of October and that I get presents, get to spend time with family, have lots of meals out and spend time with my friends. Also I get to buy lots of nice things with my birthday money and vouchers! 


Talking about my birthday, it’s exactly a week today!!!! Soooo excited right now!! Also I just had a brain wave ( which I don’t often have) that I may do a post about myself and do like the 25 facts about me tag and a some info about my star sign and a little life update in general. Please let me know whether you would like to see this post.


After mentioning the oversized coat on my last post, I thought I would do a complete post on it. The over-sized coat is just so key this season and is the best thing for layering, as a coat goes with most outfits and then you can wear a shirt, jumper, cardy and a coat. Great layering. This is why I think the over-sized coat is key. This year the coat is more than just something to keep you warm, it’s a fashion accessory. You could wear jeans and a white tee but a statement over-sized coat and you have an amazing outfit.


I think a coat is a real symbol of winter. When you see someone in a coat you know that it’s getting chilly and that winter and cold weather is coming. Also when you have a coat you really love you want to wear it and this was the case for me and now the weather is here I just love wearing it!!


Pictures from We Heart It <3


So as we all now know the oversized coat is a staple piece and something you need. So I have looked through the internet and found some that you will all hopefully like. I have chose a few low key ones and then a few statement ones, because I know you love a bit of variety. But I think it’s important to always use high-street shops because then you can all affor the things!!–jackets/coats/Orange-biker-coat-641830–jackets/coats/Grey-faux-fur-collar-two-tone-coat-639531–jackets/coats/Cream-boucle-oversized-coat-644672


I hope you find inspiration for your own over-sized coat and happy october. I hope everyone has a great octiber and that good things happen in your life. Also You better have one of the style coats in your wardrobe soon as I will be checking:)


Love you all



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