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Hello Lovelies


So I thought it was about time for a challenge. I know it’s really bad but I have not done a challenge on here since June. I honestly thought it was even longer than that but that challenge was a blog challenge and had nothing to do with fashion really. So I thought it was about time to have a fashion related challenge for you all to have a go at!!


Every girl loves fashion but do you really know fashion! This is the challenge to really test your knowledge on some of fashions biggest elements. It’s like a giant quiz just for all of you to test your knowledge of fashion on. This will be a weekly thing and each week there will be a quiz to take, on a different element of fashion.


I think to really say your a fashionista you need to know your stuff. What really started fashion off? What are some of the biggest makers on fashion? What is Vogue? What does LFW mean? Here’s a couple of things to get you thinking! You don’t necessarily have to know everything and if you know nothing then these posts will help you learn something. I will read and collect the results of the quiz and then during the week will write a post using the results and tell you the answers for each one!


I wanted to put a twist on the normal challenge post. Where I set a challenge and it’s really up to you if you do it. But with this one you can do the challenge while your reading the post. I know that this is just a bit more fun and hopefully it was encourage you all more to have a go and not be lazy!!


This week’s quiz is about the world famous Vogue. The ultimate fashion magazine!! If you don’t know what Vogue is then you have no chance with this week’s quiz. Vogue is the most well-known fashion magazines with a famous person gracing the cover nearly every month. From Cheryl Cole- Kate Moss, if your a fashion concious celebrity then you have probably been on the cover.


What do I need to do?

This is such a simple challenge. All you need to do is click the link at the end of the post and complete the survey and then click done. It is is so easy and fun!! You could have more than one go if you want to, it’s upto you! But as long as you enter once, I will be happy.


Then the results will be sent back to me and I will make a post. Obviously I won’t know who got what but you can just have fun!!


I hope you like this challenge post and have fun!!


Love you all



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  1. Caitlin
    22nd September 2013 / 5:36 PM

    I really loved this post!