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So, like I said I have decided to just write a little about something I want to tell you all, at the start of all my posts. I just wanted to say that I am really glad that you all seemed to love “The Crazy Sweat” post. I was lacking inspiration that day and was reading through a magazine and I saw something that inspired me to then write that post. It was also a little rambly and you all seemed to love that- don’t worry, not every post will be like that.


If you don’t know what this post is about then I will introduce you to:


Generation 21 in George At Asda

As you may of guessed this post is about a collection at Asda’s George. George is what the fashion part of Asda is called, like TU for Sainburys and F&F at Tesco. It provides all the clothes, shoes, bags, accessories for the super market and also has baby, children and men’s clothes too. But I do realise that normally you don’t really want to buy clothes from a super market. Especially if your fashion conscious! It’s not really known for being a place to get all the trends, but after this post I hope this collection will be.


G21 is a collection in George. It is the teenage/ 20’s age range and has some amazing clothes. I am not saying everything is amazing but they have some really unique items that would be really expensive in a normal shop. They have special guests also design for the collection, so there is really a big mix of styles. I just love some of the stuff and if you saw some of the pieces of the collection on someone you would think it was high high-street/designer. I just love their stuff and hopefully so will you.


After seeing fashion graduates styling some of the new pieces in G21 in Company, I just thought I need to do a post on that. I really am all about affordable fashion and getting the look for less, I truly believe you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. This collection is just a perfect example of this and so you can see some of the best pieces of the collection, I have searched through and found the best pieces to rock this seasons trends!

Eye Shirt


Shiny Leggings


Ripped Boyfriend Jeans


Biker Jacket


Grunge T-Shirt


Geo Print Crop Top


I love all these pieces because they are just bang on trend. The biker jacket is a real staple for this season. As the weather is so unpredictable you could just throw this on and it will keep you warm and help you rock the grungy, faux leather look. Biker jackets are just great with any outfit. They toughen up a girly dress and grunge up a plain white tee and jeans. I literally love this jacket.

Another of my real favourites is the eye shirt. This was a special designed piece because I read it in a magazine. I just think it would be great wit the biker jacket and would monochrome really well, with a pinch of colour. The over all style is bang on and I have two shirts this style from Primark and they are soooo great and comfortable. Also it would look great with the biker jacket- a little fashion pairing.


Please take from this post to explore super market clothes and you may find a diamond in the ruff. Hopefully you feel inspired to go and have a look and have a buy.


Love you all



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