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Hello Lovelies


First of all, I feel like every post starts like this so maybe I should have a little life update or something I want to say to you at the start of every post. (Let me know) Anyway I know that I have been a bad blogger and have not posted since Friday and that I have still not done the review for the MTV VMA’s that I should of done ages ago!! So I am going to try to be a better blogger but sometimes I get really blocked and have nothing to talk about and I just don’t get time but I want to make time.


Honestly I have just been soooo excited for the autumn/ winter. I have just been so excited to wear jumpers, wrap up warm and have snow. I don’t really know why but I just kind of got bored of summer and thought I just want winter to come now. I think it may of been because I had bought a new coat and jumper, both I really loved, which made me want to wear them, but I couldn’t because it was hot. On a side note the weather really has been strange over here in England. One day we have sun and then the next day it’s like December and winter has been here for ages.  So I don’t know what’s really going on weather wise but all I do know is that NOW, winter is well and truly here.


Also I may be sooooo excited because my birthday is in exactly three weeks today. I am just really excited to be a year older and spend more time with some people I just really love to be with. Also this year has been the best year of my life so far. I have met some amazing people, had some amazing memories and had a great time, so I just want to have a great birthday!!


But one of my favourite things about winter, is fashion. Winter fashion is always so cute and snuggly. I just love getting snuggly in a blanket, I literally hate being cold (a fact about me)! So in winter I can wear cute gloves, beanies, jumpers, coat and UGGS. I just love winter fashion and this is why I am sitting here writing this post. (on another note I feel especially now, it’s so easy to just write a lot in posts because it feels like I am just talking to friends and now it’s not awkward at all, like it was when I first started blogging!)


Pictures from we heart it!!<3


So as Winter is well and truly here, we need to know how to really rock the biggest trend this season. It’s the jumper!! The jumper is just a major part of the puzzle of winter fashion. We all wear jumpers in the winter, it’s just one of those unwritten rules. So we need to get this right and hopefully the rest should just fall into place.


This season, it doesn’t matter if it’s embellished, mixed up fabrics, animal print, when it comes to your jumper, the louder the prouder. It’s all about making a statement with that sweat!! You need to that, other wise I have got to start right from the beginning.


I have trawled the internet for the best out there jumpers on the high-street. As the jumper is a real statement I am not really going to put a tight budget on what I choose but I will try to not include anything over a £100, after all this is on the high-street.

The graffiti sweat:–vests–sweats/sweaters–hoodies/Black-Brooklyn-sequin-sliced-sweatshirt-642167

Starry Sweat:

Macaroons sweat:–vests–sweats/sweaters–hoodies/Pink-macaroon-print-sweatshirt-643158

Orange Wonder:

Embellished Sweat:–vests–sweats/sweaters–hoodies/Grey-jacquard-necklace-sweatshirt-643090

Not all of these jumpers are exactly my taste, but that isn’t the point. The point is that I show you what out there on the high-street and I know that there will be at least one you like and one you think you’d like to try but not sure if you could pull it off. My advice to you is, that is the trend is about going out there, then be confident and go there with that jumper you feel like that with. But if you wear a jumper like these, keep the rest of the outfit simple, so you don’t look like an absolute freak!! You don’t want people saying “What homes she from?” (if you don’t understand this then don’t worry its a central England thing or maybe it’s just me!!!)


I hope you love this post and I hope you enjoy my ramble.


Love you all loads!



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