An Outfit For £50 #2


Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second post in the An Outfit For £50 series. The last post on faux leather was sooo popular and I just thought WOW, this series is going to be great! I just love writing this post, finding a look to a certain brief and being able to give you all a few tips for money saving fashion.


So as the weather is beginning to turn and autumn is quickly approaching, I feel like everyone is looking for winter fashion! Whether that’s a new bobble hat, trench coat or boots, we all want to look fabulous, even when the weather isn’t. But unless you have an unlimited pot of money then this can be hard. I hate it when you want a new jumper or coat and you don’t have the money, it’s just so depressing!! But there are ways around this!!!


I never really like making posts that include really expensive clothes because I know the majority of my readers will not be able to go out and buy a item they like. It makes me feel really guilty that I have made you feel bad and that I wouldn’t be able to buy them my self either, so if you do feel like this then please don’t!!! So these posts are for any of you out there that in this position. So with this post you can save so much for the item you like and then buy the next items quite quickly or save £50 and buy the whole outfit. This makes me feel really liberated that I have given you an opportunity to get a great outfit for great money!!!!


This week the trend I have styled by is, Monochrome!! This trend is just so timeless (you have probably heard me say this a lot, but I really do think it is)!! It is back and staying for good. I remember doing a post back last year about monochrome and explaining what it was. It seems like sooo long ago and now it is just such a big trend. So I think we need a money saving look for this worldwide trend.

Black Skinny Jeans £9.99-New Look

Black Quilted Biker Hobo Bag £19.99-New Look

Tijah Studded Fold Over Beanie- £4.99-Miss Guided

Magicita Contrast Jumper £16.99-Miss Guided

I really wanted to do monochrome in a more youthful way and not just with lots of faux leather. It’s actually really hard as so many things that fit this trend have some faux leather on them or are just really plain- as obviously when you look up black and white, plain tees and vest come up. But unfortunately I did not get it on budget, by going over by £2. This was the beanie, but I just think it makes the look and makes it a lot more grungy. I really love it, it gives a different view on monochrome and will be great in the winter months.


So now it’s time for some savy tips for shopping. This is one of the most popular things on my blog, when ever I post any tips of advice it’s always popular!!! So join the ride and get savy for shopping on a budget:



  • If it is in an independent boutique then ask if you could have a discount.

Most independent shops have a certain discount that they will give if any one asks. So don’t be afraid!! Even if it’s just a few pounds, anything is great. Be confident and ask, the worse they can say is no!!!


  • Check for faults or it being the last one of something.

If the product has a fault or missing a button or something like that then they usually will give a 10% discount. That is great and will be an achievement. Also is it is the last one then just say, ” It’s the last one is there any chance that I can have a bit of money off!”. If it’s the last one then they usually want to get rid of it and will often sort something out with you.


  • Check receipts!

Sometimes, there is offers on your receipts, such as 10% off or offers on certain things. They are great and take no effort to find. So always keep your receipts.


  • Shop in charity shops.

I know sometimes they smell and have nothing worth having but it’s always worth looking round really well as you may find a diamond in the ruff. I went in a charity shop once and got a black jumpsuit from M&S from the expensive collection with the tag still on for £20. Sometimes you need a bit of imagination to see the potential in a piece. Maybe it just needs new buttons or something cut off or added on.


I hope you like it and take form this to always be open-minded about where you shop and keep your receipts!!


Love you all



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