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Faux Leather

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a new post idea!! I hope you like the concept and instead of saying lot’s of things I will just get on with it!!


We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and unless your a millionaire or zillionaire you normally have to work to a budget. I know I do and it’s not always fun but sometimes you just have to put up with it and look around a bit more for an item of clothing that’s cheaper than the price you first saw it. If it does not fit in with your budget then don’t buy it!! No one likes to have no money whatsoever so never exceed your limit unless you can. Anyway why should you when you could find an item the same or very similar for less.


The key to budgeting is knowing your limits and not to go way over the top. You need to be savy and know “there’s always a way round something”, even if you can’t see it right then. I know it’s really difficult is you finally have some money and think right I am going to go and buy that item I have been wanting for ages, but when you get there the price has gone up and it uses all the money you have or is over the amount you have. It’s a horrible feeling and then you feel horrible about your self, especially if a lot of your friends have this thing.


So this is why I am here. Being a teenager my self I know it is really hard to budget and to comprise on something you really want. So I want to help you all and give you all my best saving money tricks so you can get the best deal on an item you want. Also I am going to give you one look for under £50 for a certain trend each week. So hop on and enjoy the savy ride!!



  • Know your budget!

Then you will know exactly where you stand and that you won’t get in to trouble with your money. Sometimes to have cash is better because then you can keep an eye on how much you are spending and how much you have left. When it’s gone it gone!!


  • Know the price of the item you want.

Then you know the price you need to compare to and hopefully beat. Also then you can work out how much money you have saved.


  • Shop around.

Shop around the main shops first then you know where you stand with prices, you could just take note of how much it is in each shop!!


  • Check the internet.

Always look on the internet because usually they have great alternatives to high street pieces and at great prices. Boohoo.co and Miss Guided are two great ones.


  • Have a look for offers.

Check if there are any online vouchers you can find. Voucher cloud is a great one that you can use. It is completely free and you can get it online and as an app!(FAB) They have some great offers for clothes and especially ones for ASOs, check them out here: http://www.vouchercloud.com/asos-vouchers, thank you to the man from Voucher Cloud that let me know about these offers.Also there also a few others like priority moment for O2 customers. There are loads out there. Also if you are a student and have a student card you nearly always get a discount. No ask no get.


I don’t want to give them all away so there will be some more next week for you to get your teeth into!!


Now the outfit for £50. This is always gonna be a hard one as £50 does not go far these days but I have tried my best and come up with a great faux leather look. Faux leather is bang on trend and now because the faux leather is so good it looks so much more expensive just like real leather. I just love this trend!!


Parisian Black Tassel Leather-Look Shorts £22.99- New Look

Grey Tiger Face Leather-Look Trim Tank Top £6.99-New Look

Penelope Cross Detail Necklace £5.00-boohoo.com

Harriet Wash PU Sequin Sleeve Bomber Jacket £15.00-boohoo.com


I just love this look all for just 2p under £50. It’s a great festival look and will also keep you warm with this gorgeous jacket with sequin sleeves, also it’s a bargain at only £15. I also love the necklace. It’s only £5 and it’s so versatile and adds and edge to any outfit. Love it!!


This just rock the trend of faux leather so well and it’s a great look. Please take from this look to shop around and you will find bargains. I hope you like the ne post and the outfit.

Love you all



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