Style Bible#6 – How to walk tall.

Women always look better in heels

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I’m back with another edition of style bible. I have recently been going through my top posts and this has been one of the most popular series and I thought there is still so much to do in the series, so why have I not done it??


Also It’s september, where did august go!! I am going to try and post everyday in september just so you pop round everyday and see something new. I love going on a blog and seeing a new post. I think it’s important to keep your blog up to date and if I can’t post on a certain day then I will tweet a quick message to you all or I will write a status on facebook . If you want to like rachelspick on facebook or follow rachelspick on twitter then just look under my small bio in the right hand side of the blog and click the the logo’s, which will then take you there.


Every girl needs to wear heels. They make any women look instantly more elegant!! They have benefits for any size, whether your small or tall; if your tall they elongate your legs and make them look better and if your small they add height to you, stop you from looking stumpy and make your legs look a heck of a lot longer. With these tips on how to walk tall, the shops will be selling out of high heels because heels will become a permanent thing on any women. Hello to perfect high heel walk, good bye to “I can’t walk in these at all” look!!


  • Practice in your heels and make sure you know how to walk in them.

  • Have good posture! Don’t lean forward or backwards. Pull your tummy muscles in and stand up straight.

  • Hold your head as high as possible! Try the old fashioned, book on head, that will get your head in the right position.

  • Keep your shoulders down and always relaxed.

Images from We Heart It.


  • If you can not walk in your heels very well, never bend your knees really badly.

  • If you are finding your heels uncomfortable then invest in some shoe liners or gel pads.

  • Platform is best. If you want something that will appear high but not hurt your feet as much then platforms are the answer.

I hope you find this useful, especially in the upcoming months of winter parties. I hope everyone’s september is great and that you enjoy a post everyday this month. Source: How To Be Adored By Caroline Cox.


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