Wishlist: August

Getting ready for the warmer months

Hello Lovelies


Welcome all to my  my wishlist for August. I know that August is nearly over, but after a trip to my local town I saw a few pieces that I liked and saw a few others that I have had my eye on for a while, and thought that I would have a little share with you all.


As much as I love summer I am just soooo excited for the colder months, I just can’t wait to wear my new coat, jumpers and layer things up. I can’t wait to rock the grungy, faux leather look more, with a bit of girly mixed in. This is my style at the moment I suppose. I am just loving the more hard edge that it brings, then you can mix it up with other items and create different looks. Even in the summer I have been loving a grey, faux leather sleeve, over sized tee, with some denim shorts, white converse and some edgy earrings. It is just a good look and super comfy.


I just love it!!!!!!

1. The Leather Converse

These are mainly on my wish-list because I am wanting them for school. They will just be so comfortable for school and unlike most of my other school shoes, hopefully they will last. Also having two pairs of converse I know that they are completely worth the money and if you are debating whether or not to buy some or that you buy fakes them invest, save and buy a real pair. They are really hard wearing and the soles are really good and do not slant at all.




2. Black High-Waisted Shorts

I know that we are coming out of summer but I just think they will be a great investment. They will be something you can wear with boots or converse and then glam them up too. They will be a great staple to any outfit and will be great to wear with tights as well. I also love the faux leather look again!!


River Island- £18


3. Nude Strappy Boots

These are something that I have had my eye on for a while. They are the type of boots that look so much better on and hen they are on they are just so versatile and will be great as were all coming into the colder months. They will be another staple piece and something that will go with anything. I love these.


New Look- £24.99


4. Monochrome Jumper

This is my favourite piece out of the whole wish list. This was spied in town from the outside of the shop and I just loved it. I thought it would be great for the winter as monochrome is just so timeless and goes with any colour. It looks will look great in summer with a neon satchel and great in the winter with a shirt underneath and layering. I love it so much and I really would like.


Zara- £25.99


5. Black Fluffy Cardigan

As soon as I saw this I instantly fell in love with it and it looks so comfortable. It just looks so lovely and warm and something that would add warmth to any outfit and would also look great with a pair of heels and an outfit, just over the top instead of a coat. As you have probably realised it is also black, so it’s pat of the monochrome team so will be really timeless and something you will have for donkey’s years.


River Island- £40


As you can see my wish-list is very black and monochrome. It is made up mainly key wardrobe pieces that I will be able to use all winter and maybe next winter too. Winter chic is just so nice and I can not wait to see winter again!!


See you all soonie and love you loads!



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