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The girls outfits at the One Direction This Is Us Premiere

One Direction: This Is Us - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

As promised here is one of the “How to get the look but for less” from The One Direction: This Is Us Premiere. I felt so inspired by all the fashion at the premiere and thought that as one direction are so popular and a lot of you will have watched vlogs, clips or seen pictures, will mean that you will have seen an outfit and think wow I love that look, “I wish I could rock that, but it’s too expensive!”


Well with this post you will be able to rock the look and for a lot less. I love finding style icons and trying to see if i can rock a look a celeb has and it’s even more fun when you can afford to but the things your seeing or trying on. So have a sit down, get a notebook and write down what you want to buy. You may even want a beveridge of some kind, (vimto for me)!



leigh anne

She was featured as one of the best dressed woman in my review of the premiere. Check that out here: This look is just amazing. The  wide trousers and then the very structured peplum top with a plunging cleavage. This look mixes fenime silhouettes and structure with male colours and style. This creates a effortless looks that has everything covered up yet it is still very sexy with the shoulders being on full display and the cleavage. She looks stunning and so can you with this great look for less.


The Look For Less

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Jade as being the youngest of the group has gone with a total contrast to her other band mates. She has gone for more of a playful look with a splash of colour with a gold blazer and cute accessories such her elephant necklace. But she has turned the look on it’s head by adding some elegant strappy heels with grungy gold detailing that adds a bit more elegance and chicness to the outfit. She looks beautiful and it really rocks the personal style but still intertwining in the theme with her fellow band mates.


The Look For Less

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This outfit has been so popular with all the magazines and press. With Perri showcasing her gorgeous new engagemnt ring from her boyfriend Zayn, she did him proud looking stunning at him film prmeiere.


This dress was one of the hardest pieces to find a high-street version of, as it being so beautiful and the gorgeous flower detailing and nude mess at the top of the dress. I would not be surprised if this was from an independent designer, that made a one off, wherever she got it she did a great job finding something unique and it was a absolute show stopper. Then she simply added a small pair of black drop earrings to complete the look and her in a simple pony. She just looked so effortless and beautiful!


The Look For Less

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Buy the Accessorize earrings here:,acc_2.4/4810190300

I hope you find this post useful and can rock these beautiful girls looks, but on a budget. I loved all their looks and that’s why I have done all three. I hope you find this inspiring to go out and look for high-street versions for any celebs look.


Love you all



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