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Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a post that has been in the pipe line for sooooo long!! I have been meaning to do this for ages and have finally got round to it after printing of a calendar and literally planning what posts I am going to do for the rest of August. Sticking with the fashion theme I have planned so many more posts and I literally can not wait for you all to see them and hopefully like some of the new ideas I have to share with you.


Back in the day, when I was only about 5/6, River Island was always perceived as a place that was really expensive, so I never really went in there. But earlier this year that all changed, as I found my real love for River Island. This was a turning point for me so much and this encouraged me to really step out my usual fashion taste.


What surprised me was that my perception was completely wrong and it is a little expensive, not exactly Primark prices, but not Topshop prices either. It’s actually a great place to shop and this will be a positive review because I just love this shop.


River Island for me is like most other people’s Topshop. I love a lot of their things, but sometimes they are too expensive and out of my budget. But there’s been a big change in the last few years because Topshop has just rose their prices sky high and I think this has made a lot of people shop around more and find a shop/s that they like just as much. So go and discover more places to shop and hopefully I can tempt you with a few reasons why I love River Island:


  • All though they have a lot of stock and sizes you never really see someone else in what you have bought from there.

  • I love the way River Island is designed and set out, it gives it a real boutique feel.

  • The prices match the quality!

Some of you are probably wondering why I am comparing Topshop and River Island in a review of River island. I am because I think they are both competitors for each other and I am trying to give you a review of why River Island could be better for you.


River Island and Topshop both do pairs of patterned frilly socks. They are very similar and I don’t really know who stole from who, what I do know is that River Island’s last a lot longer. My best friend bought a few pairs from Topshop, in the offer that they have on them, and after a few wears and washes they already had a hole in. She said she would not buy them again and just buy them from a different place or a cheaper copy from a place such a Primark or M&S.


The Jewellery at River Island is some of the best high-street wise, because their prices are great, a pair of cross studs for £1.50. It’s also great quality as they have not bent or tarnished and have never made my ears bad or hurt. They are also so comfortable to wear and have been admired a lot. They are a great pair of earrings, from a great range of jewellery, from a great shop.


One down-side to River Island, especially for a bag lover like me, is that the bags and purse are very expensive. Most bigger handbags are around £50/£60 pounds and although I love bags, when you can get cheaper ones from places such as H& for more like £30, this is a shame as the bags in River Island are always nice.


I hope you find this post useful, and if you don’t take anything away from this post then please take away the fact that try to shop around, try new shops with new styles and you may find a new love for somewhere or something.


Love you all



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