A Few New Additions

Diamonds are a girls best friend…..

Bonjour mes amis


Recently, I have found a love for jewellery and discovering what jewellery I own. I feel like I never really wear that much jewellery and I have so much that I really should get more wear out of it! As I am always so busy, going to school, sometimes I never even think about putting a pair of earrings on in the morning. So recently I have really tried to do this and wear my jewellery sooooo much more.


After trying to do this as much as I could, I just found a great love for how a piece of jewellery could change an outfit and decided I needed some new pieces to add to my collection. (This was maybe a bit of a mistake) As this how this post ended up being written, as I have a few new pieces that I would like to share with you!


Earrings and Rings

ring and earrings


After always having trouble with rings( because my fingers are a it big poggy) When I found this ring in Primark that fitted me, I immediately put it in my basket. I just love the colour, it’s bang on trend and adds a little bit of colour to any outfit. I just love it and a bargain at £2.00. The earrings were just a purchase I saw and thought I like, so I bought. I think they would look great with just a pair of jeans and a white tee of some sort. They will definitely look good as being the only piece of jewellery and with your hair up!!! I also love them.


blue earrings


I’ve had my eyes on these for quite a long time and when they were on sale I just thought I have to have them. Which girl does not like having a few diamonds, even if they aren’t real. At the same time I bought some light blue jeans and they will marry together perfectly and will also look great to rock a bit of a Kate Middleton look. Love them!!!!!


superwoman ring


This ring is really just a bit of fun and play. I saw this in a cute shop in France and just thought I will buy that, it’s right up my street. I love pop art and this was a similar style. Also being a bit of a feminist I believe that all woman are super woman and that us woman can do anything so suits me down to the ground.




This necklace is something that I absolutely love and have been looking for, for a long time. I love the mix of the two types of gold, normal gold and rose gold. Although it is really tough it really is quite fenime and a great piece with an over sized tee and jeans or denim shorts. Also it adds a hard edge to any outfit with just adding a few other gold, bronzy accessories, such as my gold cross earrings.

cute necklace


This necklace is just so cute and quaint and something that is really unique. It reminds me of a really nice charm bracelet and I just love it. Although I have not worn it yet, it’s a piece to be worn on its own as it is quite statement.

jewel necklace


This necklace has really been one of my summer staples, which I have just worn with soooo many things. It’s super girly and a real statement. I have a pair of purple shorts that it look really nice with and at that price is a great thing to buy. I love H&M, it’s just great and if you don’t shop there much, you really need to.


I hope you have enjoyed this little haul and my jewellery love. I hope you find inspiration to love your jewellery and discover it. I have loved writing this post, even though it has been a long process to finally finish it.


Love you all



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