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You never know when there could be a fashion emergency……….

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Sorry I haven’t  been around for a bit but sometimes you need a break. Although I have had a break from blogging on here I have not been having a break from blogging altogether, as I have been planning many great posts and trying to stick to fashion but diversify a bit! I hope you like all the posts that will be coming up in the next few days and weeks as much as I have planning them and writing them.


As I am diversifying, I thought I would start with this post. This post is something I have been wanting to for a long time and as I love reading these type of pots my self, I thought this was the right one.


You never know when your going to have a fashion emergency and usually it’s right in the most inappropriate time. I always seem to have one and never seem to have anything to fix it. Whether it’s a massive snag in my tights or a stain down my dress. Normally it’s a day when I want to look really good and end up looking like a dogs dinner.


So I wanted to make a post to prevent all of you from having this problem. A little fashion D.I.Y kit that you can keep in  your bag at all times that will hopefully cover any fashion eventuality that you may have.


fashion kit-sewing kit

fashion kit-sewing kit 2

A mini sewing kit- Next (A Present)

fashion kit-mirror

Fashion kit- mirror 2

Saying mirror- Not sure where it’s from but I thought this saying was appropriate for this kit.

fashion kit-socks

Pink bow trainer socks- TKMaxx £3

fashion kit-stain remover wipes

 Stain remover wipes- From a garden centre in Wales 99p

fashion kit- nail varnish clearClear coat nail varnish- Boots £1.99

fashion kit- tightsNude tights- Super Drug’s own £2/£3 (I am not quite sure)


Sewing Kit

This sewing kit is an essential for any fashion emergency kit.  It contains anything that you may need to sew up a hole or cut a thread. It is a great size and something that could just be carried in your bag on a journey or just in your handbag day- to -day. With a cute pair of mini scissors, a bunch or different coloured threads, a few spare buttons, a few safety pins, a needle and a few pins. This is just the perfect go to kit and a great thing to have handy. I love it and it even has a cute cupcake on the front, so its right up my street.



This mirror is just perfect. It’s a great size, not to small but not to big so it’s great for having a quick look at yourself, your hair or a quick touch up on your make up. This mirror is really girly with it being pink and I love the look of the saying on it. it creates a modern theme but with world war, like the keep calm signs. I love it soooo much!!



You always need a pair of socks. If you need to try a pair of shoes on or just to keep your feet warm then you will need these. As they are trainer socks they are really light weight and great for any weather. Also they are so cute with the little dark pink bows on. I love these sock as they are super comfy and great for this kit.


Stain Remover Wipes

These wipes are something that you nearly always need when going out. I don’t know whether it’s just me but I always end up spilling something on me when I am going out. But only five limits the uses but they are great and being focused just on stains they are great for your kit. Also they are really small so you could just carry them in your bag if you wanted in case of an emergency at work or a school. These are an essential.


Clear Nail Varnish

This is just something that everyone knows why we need it in the kit. As summer is here every girl wants to wear dresses and skirts but with that comes the beloved tights. Something that I just hate wearing. They are so annoying, snagging all the time and falling down. But with this nail varnish, if you have a snag you can stop it in its track with a dab of this on each end. This is an essential and you can get this cheap in any supermarket or drugstore.



These are just for when we have gone to far for the clear nail varnish. They are just something you need as a little back up plan to get you through the day. They don’t have to be expensive but any pair that fit and are new will be fine. his is something I will definitely need these in my kit! Essential for a tight ruiner like me!!


I can not wait to see all your fashion kits and that they help you to not have any fashion emergencies. I love this idea and writing it, I hope you enjoy the fashiony posts coming up very soonie.


Love You Lot’s



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