Who do I subscribe to on YOUTUBE?????

You have to love YouTube

Hello Lovelies


Now and in a few weeks or even years time I will look back at this post series and think about how much I enjoyed writing it and how well you have all liked it too. I feel like I have given a bit of information about my self to all of you and that you all know my personal tastes a  little better. Also it’s great that I have been able to share with you all who I subscribe to and therefore you can discover new channels and new people to love to watch and learn from. (Just a little reflection there for you all)


YouTube is an amazing place, and especially in the last year I feel like it’s become so much more popular for the normal people that sit down and make videos and tutorials and d.i.y’s, all the personal channels. When I was younger I always thought of it for somewhere for music and music videos mainly. I never really thought about the personal side and the fact of those type of channels being on YouTube. So it’s great to see how YouTube has developed and hear people talking about YouTubers as though they are famous, it must be crazy for them, for someone to act like this to you. It would be great to be like that my self.(I have to make more videos first)


11. Lydia Bright


I subscribe to Lydia because she is from TOWIE and I do loving watching her but she is also a really interesting person to watch and find out about her own style and beauty tips. Also it’s great to hear what’s going on at her shop and everything about it. She is very fashionable and for someone like me it’s very interesting to find out about her wardrobe and what she likes.



12. Anchal MUA


After watching Daily Mix’s Beauty Boot camp I discovered her and the fact that she won and that she is the new face of Daily Mix. She is very down to earth and very genuine and someone that is really nice to watch and enjoy. I have not fell in love with her channel yet because I have not really discovered her much yet but I really want to because she’s great on Daily Mix.




13. Dulce Candy 87


I subscribe to Dulce Candy because the mix between fashion and beauty is great and although I have not watched her much but I love her blog so much and she’s so lovely. Her fashion sense is great and I always find inspiration for my own wardrobe and hair styles. She is just so great, I love her!!


 YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5zIpjl2OQkYatd8R0bDaw


Blog: http://dulcecandy.com/


14. Hannah Magee


I subscribe to Hannah because I just love her covers of songs so much and she has such a unique voice that is great to listen too. I first found her when she did a cover of Small Bump by Ed Sheeran and it was just soooo amazing, this made her be a part of my subscriptions list. I must listen, pure talent!!!



15. icovetthee


I subscribe to her because she reminds me of Zoe of Zoella so much and I just love her. She has a great sense of style and her and beauty tips are great and something that I always find inspiration from. I love her and she is really genuine. I must discover more!!



It has been a great series and thankyou for everyone for visiting. I am really glad that you have all loved it as much as I have and I will be back when I have more subscriptions to show you. Thankyou!!!


Love you all lots



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