A summer watch!!!!!!

A must watch….

As some of you who read regularly will know that I have been writing a post called Sizzling Summer for a couple of weeks now!! This was a post I dreaded to write as it took so long, this was bad and I just hated writing them. They use to take hours and I recently read a blog tip that said that if something takes too long and is a chore then end it nicely. Also I was not very popular so I am very sorry if you liked the post series, but my heart was just not in it and it don’t like to not be passionate about anything I write on here.


Instead I thought I would give you the information from the source and share with you my inspiration for these posts.  I don’t what you all to look forward to it and then be disappointed that I have not written it so I thought I would write this post.


This is a series on Channel 4 By Gok Wan that is your complete guide to summer. I love watching it and in the future would love to do a sizzling summer video series as this would be so much easier so maybe a thing for next summer. The programme helps with everything for summer such as fashion, beauty, skin and a little transformation.






I hope you like them and please comment on what you think!

Love Rachelxx


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