Who do I subscribe to on YOUTUBE?????-Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of me sharing with all of you who I subscribe to on Youtube. Obviously I do realise that you can just look on my Youtube channel to see who I subscribe to but if you don’t follow me on Youtube, which I doubt you do as my channel is hardly developed, then you will get to know who I do subscribe to, why and even discover some new channels to watch yourself.


I find Youtube such a great creative place. I love listening to music or a video while I write a post and it makes me feel really inspired and ceative. Especially as today I am writing about youtube it helps me with what to write. Youtube is a place full of so many ideas whether it’s an idea for a youtube video or a crafty idea, a game or a blog post. I just love it and there’s so many to watch and you will never get bored with proper youtube. The youtube with real people making videos and sharing them to the world.


6. Pointless Blog


I subscribe to Alfie because I just love watching his videos. He’s so entertaining and soooo funny. He always makes me laugh and such a genuine person. He likes to get his fenime side out and is a great addition to my subscription list. I love him,  bless him he is just sooo cute!!



7. Tanya Burr


I subscribe to Tanya because one she is such a good make up artist and she always makes people look great. Also because she is always so positive and funny. She always brightens my day and I love her!!!xx



8. Sprinkle Of Chatter


I subscribe to Louise’s second channel because she is just so funny and I love catching up on what she has been doing with Darcy, Zoe and any other youtuber. She is so down to heart and I love her crafty side and her blog. (Although this is not so relevent right now!!)



9.Very Network


I subscribe to Very because they have some good youtbers involved that make some great videos about fashion/style that I love to watch. Also they have some great videos on new collections such as Ferne Cottons new home ware collection. This channel is really fashiony and if you are fashion oriented like me, although you would not read this blog is fashion was not your thing, then you will like this channel!!



10. Madisen Rose Beauty 1


I subscribe to Maddy because I love her teenage fashion and all  her videos contain things that are affordable. Also she is really down to earth and just an American Teenager really. I love her and there’s not much else to say!!!xxxx


I hope you like this post and see you soonie with the second to last post in the series!

Love Rachelx


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