Who do I subscribe to on youtube?????

Branching out….



Especially since I have been on holiday and not had any English t.v to watch or DVD’s I have been spending a lot of time watching youtube videos! I’m just finding that online is the new t.v and it’s so interesting what everyone has to say and to watch something that’s only short.


On Youtube there is just so many talented people and I just love watching them. There’s so many genuine people on there that you can tell love making youtube videos and make you feel so welcome to their channel. I love following what they have been upto and learning how to do stuff from them.


So as I have become slightly obsessed with Youtube I thought I would share with all you lovely people who I like to watch and subscribe too!! There’s not loads as I am really picky with who I subscribe to because I hate seeing a video on my homepage by someone who’s voice I hate or their background or they are just crap.


1. Marcus Butler TV


I subscribe to Marcus because he is just sooo funny and when I need a bit of fun, cheering up or just a different type of video then this is one of a few people I watch. He is just so motivated and positive. He is always up beat and great to listen to while watching other things. In fact I am watching him now while i’m writing this post.




2. Daily Mix



I subscribe to daily mix because they bring many great youtubers together in one place. They create some interesting videos and have got me into some great and inspiring youtubers that I never knew of before. This is one of my favourite channels to watch, especially the recent beauty bootcamp.




3. Zoella and More Zoella



I subscribe to Zoe because she is just so down to earth and I love watching her. I love watching what she’s up to and generally being nosy. She motivates so many people and is so dedicated to all her fans. She is the most well-known beauty youtuber in England and I love all her videos and her of course!!<3

Zoella- http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRV5AVOlKJR1Flvgt310Cw


More Zoella- http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrUbqTCagwsaP2Fmr0p1TsA


4. Sprinkle of Glitter



I subscribe to Louise because she is just so positive and inspirational to soo many people. She is really comfortable in her own skin and is just soooo bubbly. I didnt like her at first but Zoella got me into her and now I love her. I love her d.i.y  videos and generally just her!!!




5. Patrica Bright



I subscribe to Patrica because she has such amazing fashion sense and I just love watching her sooooo much. She is just so genuine and a real inspiration. I think she has the mix between fashion and beauty just right and I love her for it!!<3 Probably one of my favourite channels.



This post will be a series and I will see you next week to share with you more people I love to watch and subscribe to watch! I love you all and see ya soonie!!x


Love Rachelx


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