Sizzling Summer #2




I am sitting here in the French sun writing this post for you all. After having such a busy week last week after having my prom and going to other places as well, I have not had any time to even sit down and start to write a post! This post series was originally supposed to be all last week but I have now decided that there will be one post very week. A way to inspire and every summer week for another 3 weeks and then a couple of extra’s as well.



Everyone wants to look their best on the beach, whether it’s flaunting the perfect bikini bod or those fabulous legs in a one piece. Beachwear is very important in summer and this year, I am determined that, you are all going to love it!!


Beachwear is always very categorised by only being bikini’s, but the fact is that it is soooo much more. There’s beach bags, sunnies, one piece’s, cover ups and then any thing you like to use on the beach such as towels etc. Beachwear is such a broad topic and everyone needs to embrace this and create the best version of beach wear for you!


Us ladies are so lucky! We have such a variety of swimwear that caters to every taste, style and shape. Which really makes me wonder why we see swimwear in such a negative way! The fact is that there is such pressure’s nowadays to look a certain way, BUT no woman needs to feel this way as because those models are not healthy or real!


“Just Embrace Your Shape”

In order to make the perfect beachwear look for you, you need to consider a few things such as:


  • Do I want to wear a bikini or a one-piece?

  • Do I want a beach bag?

  • Am I going to wear sandals or flip flops?

All of these things are vital to creating the perfect beachwear look for you!  It is totally individual and all up to you. Everyone has their own personal style and feels comfortable in things and not comfortable in other things. But all I would say is, dress for your shape and be aware of sizes and what looks right. Knowing this, you should be absolutely fine.




Getting the right bikini is something that takes precision and skill! It’s really the thing that very girl wants to pull off but a lot of girls now a days feel like they can’t, because they have big boobs or have  a tummy on them. But this is just simply not true!! There is a bikini for everyone out there, you just need to know what fits you best. To make you look the best you can.


Top Heavy

If you are a girl that has quite big boobs then you need to embrace it! This is something men don’t have, so it’s makes us women unique. But you need to keep them under control. You don’t want them all hanging out, you want to be supported and feel comfortable to be able to do anything in that bikini all day. The best thing for you is to have an under wired top and something that shows them of a little bit!!


Bikini 1

This bikini is the best for the younger generation, because it’s very modern and super fresh and young. It still has the great under wired support in the top but has cute scribble print straps too, to add  extra support and the ability to move around without anything popping out. This bikini is my personal favourite and could be worn in any type of beach occasion! I love it!!

MinkPink Scribble Bustier Bikini Top £34.00 & Minkpink Scribble Bikini Bottom £33.00- ASOS


Bikini 2

This 50’s style retro bikini is great for any age. These particular pieces are in the mix and match section and there for can be interchanged with other pieces and styles. The brillant halter neck top is perfect for lazing around or playing volley ball. It keeps everything in so you won’t have to worry about anything falling out. But it also shows of a bit of cleavage and is a real woman bikini! The bottoms are also great. They can be interchanged and these exact ones are not the ones that go with the top but I thought these ones added more fun with the polka dots than just plain blue. They have a section of ruffling each side that just control a little bit of hipyness. Also this is a great price!! So you can’t really go wrong.


ASOS Mix and Match ’50s Halter Padded Bikini Top £14.00 & ASOS Mix and Match Spot High Waisted Bikini Pant £16.00- ASOS


Bikini 3

This bikini is the best dressy. It has a summery pattern in black and white, so it rocks the monochrome trend and a pretty black tie at the front. It has the under wired bra, thickish strappy for support and a plunge feature. The plunge creates a great cleavage and adds a womanly look. This is the most expensive top but a great investment as could be worn with virtually anything.


Freya D-GG La Bamba Print Underwire Plunge Bikini Top £35.00



When you are an athletic shape you don’t have many womanly features. You usually don’t have many curves or a defined waist. Very often you have little or no bust. But you often have small waists and you can generally wear anything. You need something to add shape to your body and show off that tiny waist. A top with a built in pads or bra shape adds a more womanly look.


All About Eve Mexico Dreams Crop Bikini Top £29.00 & All About Eve Mexico Dreams High Waist Bikini Bottom £26.00- ASOS


MinkPink Reflections Print Longline Bikini Top £32.00 & MinkPink Reflections Print Hipster Bikini Bottom £31.00- ASOS




Pear Shaped

If you are pear shaped you have a killer of a small waist!!! This is a great feature and one you really want to focus on. Also your boobs, if you are pear shaped you usually have big boobs, so we need to show them off. If you are pear shaped though you usually have wide hips and therefore want to make them appear smaller and hid them with block colours or prints.




ASOS Blanket Print Longline Padded Bikini Top £18.00 & ASOS Blanket Print High Waisted Bikini Pant £16.00


ASOS Floral High Waist Bikini Pant £16.00 & ASOS Floral Print Fuller Bust Halter Bikini Top D-F £16.00


I feel like this post is really over due but it’s finally here!! I hope you love it and find it usefull! Make sure you all go out and paint the beach red! Love you all sooo much!x



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