Sizzling Summer #1

The countdown to summer begins



Welcome to the first ever post of Sizzling Summer!!! Let me lead you through the stages of an upcoming holiday and in a matter of 5 days. Help you pack, inform you what beach wear will suit you the best and how to remember that amazing break. Now your on the roller coaster ride and you don’t want to miss a thing. JUST MAKE SURE YOUR HERE EVERY DAY, FOR THE LATEST POSTS!!




SIZZLING SUMMER is the perfect way to get in the mood for summer and of course holidays. From France to California. From Cornwall to Ireland. It doesn’t matter everyone summer is coming and you better be ready for 2/3 months of sun cream, beaches and a really good time!!!


Clothes are a major element of a holiday. Obviously because clothes and accessories are what you pack and are what make you feel good. As I love fashion I think that if a girl looks and feels good then they will feel so much more confident and ready to face the day! Often people,especially British people, tend to buy new clothes and accessories for their holidays. I don’t know exactly why, other than the fact that you have nicer clothes for the holiday and to feel good and look fab. Which links to my point a minute ago!


But going to buy new clothes is not as easy breezy as you wish it was. You always feel so positive when you go summer clothes shopping, thinking of all the things you are going to buy and getting excited. But by the time you get back you wish you had never gone because in town it was really busy or you couldn’t find anything you liked or everything you tried on didn’t look right! (I bet now you are all just sitting there nodding!)


Young woman trying on high heel shoes


But I want to say goodbye to summer shopping blues and say hello to easy breezy shopping. As much as I love it even I feel down hearted when I can not find anything so I can feel your pain. Let’s create a stress free summer shopping trip.


Wouldn’t it be great if  there was a guide, to what was out there in the shops for summer and if what clothes were rocking the trends of summer 2013. Also wouldn’t it be great if they told you what is suitable for your age and even your body shape.  This is what this post is all about, I want to take the stress out of shopping for holidays!


Whatever you need, whether its a hat, bag, sunglasses, dress or shirt. Even comment below if you would like me to answer your questions about your summer 2013 fashion!!




There are many elements to fashion and knowing what to wear and your body shape. There is 4 main body shapes, Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle. There is also inverted triangle, triangle and top heavy as some of the main ones too. These are different shapes for a women’s body and every women usually fits into one of these criteria’s. 


  • 44% of women don’t know what body shape they are!

  • 1 in 3 women buy clothes they never wear!

  • 99% of women claim they have bought clothes which don’t suit their figure!


To find out your body shape if you are unsure visit the body shape finder:


A few tips to help you along…..

  • Hourglass ladies should look out for structured jackets – they will give your shoulders more definition, pull you in at the waist and skim your hips.


  • A waist-cinching belt will work wonders to help define the waist – ideal for apple, slender and boyish (athletic) shapes.


  • Broad-shouldered girls should steer clear of strapless dresses. Instead, opt for a cap sleeve or a little strap to give the optical illusion that your shoulders are closer together.


  • Scooped and cowl necklines will flatter big boobs. Show off your assets and draw attention upwards, away from a broader bottom half – ideal for apple and pear shapes.


  • Petite girls should look for ways to lengthen your limbs – try tucking a cardigan or shirt in to high-waisted trousers to elongate your frame.


  •  A peplum detail on a skirt will enhance the curves of an hourglass figure.


For more advice on clothing for body shapes check out:


So now you know what your body shape is you can work on the actual clothes. This is a hard thing to get right if you love shopping in high street shops but you find it hard to not look to young or too old. You don’t want to age your self or look like mutton dressed as lamb!!!(I hope you have heard of this term, if you haven’t it means that you are older and are wearing things too young for your age!)


 Younger Teenager

This is an age where you are often very fashion concious and want to look right. But you also want to look young an fresh, not too old!! This age can be hard to get right but can depend on the teenage age I am really talking about if you’re a teenager and not so into fashion! The type of shops for this look is New Look or Primark. They have this fresh look and are perfect for the shorts and crop top look!



All from New Look: Parisian Pink Floral Print Pinafore Playsuit £19.99, Pale Blue Floral Bandeau Playsuit £14.99, Multicoloured Aztec Stripe Triangle Bikini Top £12.99 and Multicoloured Aztec Stripe Tie Side Bikini Bottoms £9.99, White Washed Out Neon Aztec Crop Vest £7.99, Blue Floral Sleeveless Skater Dress 22.99.


Older Teenage to late twenties

This is more of an older look but with still playful and young colours. Although it’s not so much about crop top and cool sunglasses. Its a more chic version that’s a lot more mature. My personal style is in this bracket!! The best shops for this are Topshop, H&M and River Island! They have a more older and polished look which I love!!





Late 30’s early 40’s

This is a time to be careful and not shop in such young shops!! Its a more mummy phase so you want to look your age and also fashionable. Also you want to feel more grown up and show less of your body such as wearing shorts!! Shops good for this age are Debenhams, Monsoon and Next. They have this look nailed and fashionable but a bit less showy!



Cotton Rich Cigarette Trousers £28-Next, Leaf Sleeveless Cami £16-Next, Grey Ombre Maxi Dress £48-Next, Giselle Maxi Dress £89-Monsoon, Melody Patch Top £45-Monsoon.


50’s and on wards

Now It’s kind of onto granny chic! But 50 is the new 30 so you still want to look fresh but not wearing shorts or a skater skirt. this look is more refined and for the classic lady! The best shops for this are Zara and M&S. M&S have some very chic things and the chicer side of Zara is perfect for this look!



Per Una Pure Cotton Fit & Flare Floral Dress £49.50-M&S, LINEN TROUSERS WITH ELASTIC WAISTBAND £19.99-Zara, Autograph Pure Linen Peak Lapel Jacket £49.00-M&S, SUEDE COMBINATION SHOPPER £39.99-Zara, ANKLE STRAP SANDAL £29.99.

This has been one hell of a post! I hope it as it has took about 3 hours! But I love it!


Love Rachelx




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