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What am I loving……



If you are a regular reader you will know that this is a new series of posts. If you are not a regular reader then first of all hello and welcome to rachelspick. Also you will not know that this is a new series of posts, so I just thought I would let you know!


After looking back on some of my older posts I saw a post I had made last August that said:


 “I want to post more about my own clothes and not just things from the internet, and I want it to be a lot more personal, so I have decided to start blogging about my favourite items in my wardrobe and my own personal things which is going to be called “Fashion In site” which is all to do with my personal style and what i own. 

I realise that this promise to all of you had not been for filled and thought that it was about time to do it! I have always felt a bit self confident about this but I don’t know why because after writing this post-just this bit- i already feel confident. I was being a bit stupid really. Also I don’t know how but I have never really had time even though it was last August. 


More posts will be coming up that probably will be called “Fashion In Site” or something like it as that’s another thing linked to this post. 



Not just this week but for about a month now I have just been loving cross jewellery. But I added to my one piece collection a few weeks ago so I feel like its more just a couple of weeks for both of the items. 


I don’t really know why but I suppose its because I can wear them with any outfit so they are sop versatile and I can also wear the earrings at school so it encourages me to wear them a lot more. Also I find they add a different dimension to an outfit- more of a grungy and rough look. As well they are quite small and subtle and especially in summer you don’t want to wear lots of sticky jewellery so they are perfect for the season coming up.



Earrings £1.50 from River Island

Necklace from Miss Selfridge- was in the sale so not sure what price it was.


Although I do not know the exact price of the necklace I know it wasn’t a lot. I find  lot of  people rave over Topshop too much so I like to look in Miss Selfridge and always to find something that I think “aww that’s cute” or “I need to try this on”. Obviously not everything always looks right but I nearly always find some super cute jewellery. 


 I remeber that when I was young River Island was the place that was expensive and that you might avoid but i recently re-discovered River Island and its not the cheapest but the most expensive either. The jewellery is a great price and some of the small accessories are too. I love the vibe of it being a bit like a boutique and you should definitely check it out!


I hope you like the first of the new series! See you next week!

Love Rachelx


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