How to- Monochrome (UPDATED)

It’s basic, just black and white

This is another post that I have previously done and thought it needed a good update. 


I think since the start of 2013 monochrome has become even more popular and every one seems to have the monochrome bug, whether big or small! This trend is just a classic look but it is really modern at the moment. Although every seems to be cheating just a bit as neon brights are creeping in. Pairing an all monochrome outfit with a neon satchel or a an outfit with a neon pair of strappys. Bang on trend and fabulous!


This trend may seem really simple, like “it’s only black and white”. Sorry but if you actually know anything you will know that monochrome is a lot harder than that. Its making the best balance between white and black, not looking like your are moarning or looking like a chav. 


I have just realise that if you don’t know I have not told you what monochrome is??? ooops! It is when you just wear black and white. It could just be black trousers and a white top but the prints have to be plain or white/ black. So it is more complicated than you think.


I think we all know a lot more about monochrome now and so do the shops. therefore the variety of monochrome wear is so much bigger as it is such a worldwide trend. So I thought I would bring you the best that are in the shops right at this minute. Online and in the high-street. But I have a budget. All the items are going to be under £40 as I want to appeal to my younger readers and show things every one can afford to buy, including me!



2. Black clean zip tote £25.00-Dorothy Perkins,

3. Leggings £12.99- H&M,

4. Wool hat £7.99-H&M,


6. Monochrome Panel Leather-Look Brogues £19.99-New Look,

7. Marie High Waisted Double Split Maxi Skirt £,

8. Criminal Damage Crop T-Shirt With Team Douche Print £20.00-ASOS,

9. ASOS Boyfriend Shirt With Indecisive Collar £32.00-ASOS,

10. Mango Wet-look Embossed Top £34.99-ASOS,

11. Beth Peeptoe Open Back Heels £,

12. Sunglasses £5.99- H&M


WOW! I can not believe how many amazing things that the highstreet and online have to offer for this trend. I went for the more classy side of monochrome mixed with the black and white sports luxe trend. I love this fushion and I think it has created an amazing aray of monochrome picks to choose from right now! All the pieces are very classic and some have quirky little things that add to the fushion. I can not believe some of the prices. They are all under £40 and I can not believe it at all!!


I hope you like!??

Love Rachelx


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