Back to the 90’s

Back to when I was born….

As you have probably guessed this post is about the 90’s!!! back to when I was born! I feel like fashion is taking real inspiration for the 90’s at the moment and thought it would be a good idea to remind you all of the good old days!!

Also you have probably realised that it is another fashion post!! I love fashion and as the blog is a fashion blog i have decided that I have drifted away from it a bit and I was starting to get bored of writing posts!!! This was a sad moment for me and decide that this week is all about fashion, over load to you all on fashion. A little fashion fiesta.


We are going back to denim wash jeans, dungarees, round glasses and graphic tees. Does this sound familiar. It will because fashions do come back round and this one has!! We may not realise but a lot of us and the high-street shops are rocking a look that was popular over 15 years ago!!! A bit weird right???


So can we still rock trends that are 15 years old??

Well the shops and celebs are already way ahead and loving it, so we can too??? Just dig out that tee, denim jeans and glasses and rock the 90’s look! But as we all know we love to get rid of old things and a lot of us will not have something just hanging around so we will have to get our purses out and start snapping the high-street versions up quickly!


I hope you find inspiration from the 90’s fashion!

Love Rachelx



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