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Well hello there

Welcome to another challenge post!!!(I’m sooooooo excited right now, I think I might do an excited wee!!) This is a challenge more to do with a blog as a whole and not so much about fashion, but you can take the girl out of fashion but not fashion out of the girl, so it’s got a few fashiony touches just for all my fashion fabulous readers-one of those is you by the way!!


I feel like I don’t share much about having a blog and things to do with a blog as whole. I don’t know why? But I need never seem to get round to sitting down and writing about blogging. I guess I feel like there’s a lot to tell and that you may not want to hear it all. (If you would like to know about my experiences of blogging and more blogging posts, let me know please!) Anyway I thought that I needed a new challenge and thought right Rachel make it blog related!! So I did.


What is the challenge?

This month’s challenge is about developing your blog and getting it more well- known. So that everyone can have a better blog and have a nosy at other peoples. The challenge is to share your blog on another 100 blogs in 10 days! That equals to 10 blogs a day that you need to share your blog address on! But there’s a lot more to it! I hate it when people just post their link and no comment or anything so there’s a few rules, before you think how will she know, I will find out so don’t even think that!!

  • You have to actually find a blog your interested in to read and then post your address on!

  • You need to leave a nice comment that the person will enjoy and appreciate reading!

  • Be polite! Make sure you say “can you please have a look” or “if you would like to”.

  • You could also follow their blog or subscribe to their Youtube, so they know your not just being arrogant and that you actually do care and like their blog!


How do I get involved?

Sorry but this is only a challenge for bloggers but you can still enjoy my links that I will put on the results so you can still find new blogs and talent to appreciate. If you are a blogger first of all you need to inform your readers that you are involved in the challenge by writing a post, you can use this photo and some info from it as long as you say that it originally from here and link to this post or my blog. Then it’s upto you to share your blog and I will keep you updated with tweets and status updates on social networking, on teh blogs i have shared my address on. Feel free to share your blog on mine by the way. The challenge will start tomorrow and will last until Friday 21st, or a week on Friday. Then at the end of the challenge you share you links with your readers. That’s it, so simple but so effective for everyone. It a win win situation really! I will tweet using #shareyourblog.


rachelspicks Facebook Page:


rachelspicks Twitter Page: @rachelspick


Hope you get involved and don’t forget the rules!:)

Love Rachelx


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  1. 11th June 2013 / 7:26 PM

    This challenge is on for me! I just recently started a blog and am in full forward action, on creating and maintaining a blog!

    • 11th June 2013 / 7:29 PM

      Great thanks for getting involved!! good luck

    • 18th June 2013 / 7:43 PM

      Yeh you will hopefully i will share some blogs taht have done the same as long as you let me know like you have!x