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As my last review was such a long time ago and because I feel like I have a lot more to say and comment on, I have decided to a updated review on Topshop. This post seems really popular, but I don’t know why I have not done one for sooo long!?????


Topshop I feel is a bit like Marmite, you either absolutely love it or you absolutely hate it!! There’s not really an in-between! I feel that you have to have a distinct taste to like Topshop and unfortunately it’s not really mine that much!(Sorry to all you Topshop lovers, but I am only trying to give an honest review!) I don’t really like it because…….


  • The items are very much almost designer prices but Primark quality. I bought a t-shirt that was £20, I had worn it twice and it already had a hole in!!

  • You see a lot of the people in the same things from there. So you don’t really feel unique and it’s a bit embarrassing if they look better in it than you!!

  • Some things are very out-there and are a very unique style. Almost things that you would not even want to go near!!


Although Topshop is a great place for mini people!!(Like my best friend) Whether that’s mini as in height or mini as in size!! Its great for small sizes and has size 6, which hardly any other high-street store actually stocks!! So there is some good points. Also I know that sometimes if you are small and a teenager it’s hard to find clothes to fit and not look like a 5 year old!! So Topshop is a great option, but not exactly child’s prices!!


Also Topshop has it’s very own make-up range, quite a rariety for a high-street store! Except H&M! Anyway a lot of its make up is raved about by soooo many bloggers and ,although I never tried it my self, seems really good. I love all the lipstick colours and they are quite matte and long lasting as well as the nail varnishes, these are my favourites, there’s so many nice colours!!


The jewellery at Topshop is one of the only things I like about the whole shop!!! It may be a bit pricey but wait until the sale and you can pick up some good bargains. The jewellery from Topshop seems to quite durable and good one to go for!! MONEY WELL SPENT!


Hope you fin this useful! I hope I gave you an honest review!x



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    • 18th June 2013 / 7:43 PM

      Thanks for mentioning my post! It has brought me some new readers!x