A Photo A Day May # Day 21st -31st

Photo Challenge

Sorry this is a day late but its the last 10 days of the challenge. I have been on holiday so that is why I have not posted for a while, but I’m back now!!!


This just finishes the challenge of A Photo A Day May. I hope you have enjoyed it, I know I have. I have loved playing round taking pictures and editing them. SO MUCH FUN!! I did the challenge as the last one I did, 30 Day Photo Challenge, was so popular and it seems that this one has been very popular too. A good way to spend May!


Day 21. Where you stand-In my heels!!


Day 22. Pink- A gorgeous pink flower in my front garden.


Day 23. Technology- My Ipod and the basic icons.


Day 24. Something new-My gorgeous new cookery book. Cakes, drinks and sweet treats.


Day 25. Unsual- To find a beautiful flower growing with weeds.


Day 26. 12 o’clock- My ice watch just after twelve!


Day 27. Something Sweet- A cute cupcake.


Day 28. The weather today- A bit edited by blue sky!


Day 29. A number- My birthday, number 8!!!


Day 30. Your personality- Happy has a lot of different pieces to my personality!


Day 31. Something beautiful- A lovely saying about home and family! LOVE IT!!!<3


Rounds of the challenge and thanks for your support, hope you liked it!



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