How to- Floral Frenzy


The floral trend is any pattern of flowers that there is. It could be a bag, clothes, a scarf or just a simple piece of jewellery, it all goes under the category of Florals. This trend is so pretty and so fun for spring and summer, as well as being a massive trend on the catwalk this year.  It can easily add a touch of girlyness to any outfit and is so diverse, there’s a floral for everyone out there. You will always find a floral for you.


Although this trend is so popular, it is really hard to perfect and can often look really OTT. If you don’t get it right you can often look like you have just rolled in a flower bed, with so many patterns and colours of florals that it makes you eyes feel funny (this is not a good look). So you need your mini God-Mother to work her magic to find you the best of florals so you don’t have to. (By the way that’s me).


So with this guide to florals you will never again have to look like a flower bed or avoid them altogether. (All though I doubt you will have looked like a flower bed as you all have amazing fashion sense, I hope!) This post will help you rock the trend of florals and make Kim Kardashian jealous of your floral fashion sense.


As well I love to save you all a bit of money and mainly only feature clothes that people can afford so all the clothes are from the Highstreet shops and are £30 or under. So you can rock florals on a good budget. Lets face it if any girl didn’t have a budget for clothes it would be chaos, I know it would for me anyway.



Essential Floral Print Pencil Skirt £14.75-Forever 21, Floral Lace Cardigan £18.75-Forever 21, Sleeveless Floral Print Shell Top £28.00-Topshop, ASOS 3D Multi Floral Collar £20.00, ASOS Pencil Skirt in Floral Baroque Print £22.00, ASOS Midi Bodycon Dress with Floral Border Print £28.00, Freya Pearl Collar Lace Shirt £, BLACK FLORAL CUT OUT PLAYSUIT £25.00-River Island, CREAM ORIENTAL FLORAL PRINT KIMONO £30.00-River Island


My Favourites

The Collar

This is such a diverse piece and can add a bit of floral impact to any outfit. It is my favourite out of all of them because it also adds dimension to an outfit and more texture. Its bigger that a piece of jewellery but not a piece of clothing. It’s one kick ass accessory!


 How to style 

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Baroque Print Skirt 

This skirt is a different take on floral but a great one. Its a great piece to dress up or down and perfect with neon greens and yellows. I love it and its perfect for anywhere really.


How to style


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I hope you found this interesting and let me know what you think about showing your options on how to style some of the items.


Love you lots like jelly totsx



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