The £50 Challenge

An outfit on a budget

It’s time for another challenge!!! An interactive post that connects all my blogging community together, with a good old bit of shopping!(Every girls favourite hobby, right?) I always find these posts so fun and interesting to see other peoples ideas and to get involved yourself. Also the ones that I have already done have been sooo popular and I thought it was time to bring you another one, as I have not done one since March. A long time!!!!



So I have probably already given it away what the challenge is this month, one by the name of the post and two because its in big font on the picture above. If you have not yet realized this then I think you need to worry a little bit. Anyway instead of talking about some people that don’t pay attention I should really talk about the actual challenge.


What is the £50 challenge?

The challenge is to a Festival look for only £50. The idea to find a complete outfit for this amount of money such as the necessities like top, shorts, actual clothes and accessories such as shoes, bags, jewellery. You need to make an outfit that you could just go straight out in! You have to think about the weather right now and if you would need a coat or jumper. Whether you will need wellies or sandals.



This challenge is designed to be realistic because now a days people need things for a lot less money. We are in a recession and we are in a century of needing a bargain. So we can all find a great outfit for all the summer festivals coming up such as Glastonbury!!! I looove Fesstival Fashion.


You can either take a picture an outfit that you have that equals £50 that’s suitable for a festival, You could try a outfit on in a shop and take a picture or just search the internet and make a collage of pictures for an outfit.


You have until this time next week!


How do I enter?

You can enter through most internet sites such as Facebook, You could send me a message or post a picture on rachelspicks page. You could also post a picture on Twitter and #£50Challenge. You could even post a picture on Instagram and hashtag it too! If you would like to play along on your own blog ,feel free to take the image above and link it back so that your readers can take part too. Then, show me what you have found. If you want to write a little bit about where your findings, such as where they are from, the price and your opinion on it or which festival it would be most suited to.


I hope you take part and I will be making a post in the next couple of weeks to show you my findings and maybe some other peoples too. See you all soon and I hope you enjoy it!


Love Rachelx


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