Instagram Diary Issue 1


My week in Instagram

1. Peace Sign- Day 1 of a photo a day may challenge. I love this photo.


2. Cheryl Cole- Day 7 of a photo a day may challenge! Shes such an inspiration!


3. Me-On my way to a family picnic and day 5 of a photo a day may!


4. Birds-My drawing of a bird cage and day 4 of a photo a day may.


5.Me-Just relaxing!


6.PJs-day 3 of a photo a day may and I just love chilling in my pjs! Don’t you??


7. Sky-Day 2 of a photo a day may and when I was on a walk with some of my friends and eating sweets.


8. and 9. My licle doggy- Menzes chilling on my hoodie!


10.Fruit-Some yummy fruit to keep me healthy!


11. My breakfast of musli, yoghurt and bananas.


12. My best friend Caitlins converse on our country walk!


13. My converse on our country walk.


14.Me chilling with my banana! LOL:)


See you again for next week in Instagram!

Love Rachelx


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