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When you go to H&M there is so many nice things it can  get really over welming. Also if your like me, you get distracted by the bags and accessories and forget that I have gone I there to go and get some clothes. Also some of the H&M stores, especially near me, are not set out that well and I find it hard to see the clothes and choose which ones are my style.


Everything in this post is Under £50 so its good for someone who is one a normal budget. Not breaking the bank and gorgeous at the same time. As you can tell, I am biased, I love H&M soo much!!


Ankle-length trousers £7.99,

Bag £24.99,

Sandals £24.99,

Slingbacks £19.99,

Top 14.99



This bag is so gorgeous and rocks the monochrome trend really well. It is really diverse so would go with any outfit and at £29.99 its a great price. I love this bag sooo much. I really would like it know!


How to wear


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Hope you like it! Go shopping!

Love Rachelx


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