D.I.Y Craft


Another crafty post finally yay! I’m so happy I am finally writing this style of post as I’ve been trying to find a good craft for soooo long! But now I have finally found one and I’m soo excited to share it with you. (The picture kind of gave it away but owe well!)


This D.I.Y Photo Booth is super fun and funky. Its a great excuse to have a picture session and look a bit silly in the making. Its great to have a bit of fun with friends or at a party. Perfect get to know craft and exercise! I love it sooo much and I hope you do too.


I saw this on a Daily Mix video with Zoe and Louise. It was a tutorial on how to make these cute photobooth props, and I was soo glad when they did this, because I had seen a Instragram picture about a week before the video and really wanted to make some. And I finally have!!!


Let’s Make it!


Sorry p.s: you will need some BBQ skewers too!


How to make them!

1.Get all your equipment out.

2.Decide what you would like to draw and then choose what colour card you would like to use. e.g. a purple moustache.


3. Draw it on the card and cut it out.


4. Decorate however you would like to.


5. Get a BBQ skewer and stick it onto the back of the shape, toward the side away from your face so its easier to hold up in a photo.


6.Get making and then all that’s left to do is have a silly photo session!



I hope you have as much fun making them as I did! See you soonie!

Love Rachelx


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