Photo A Day May


It’s this time again! The start of yet another new month, where did April go???? Where has 2013 gone? A time for spring to really begin and hopefully (touch wood) we have said goodbye to April showers and now summer is well and truly on its way.


Its also the time for another photo challenge! I don’t know if you remember but back in November and a little bit at the end of October I did the 3o Day Photo Challenge. I used it on here for all you peeps to get to know me a bit better. I hope it did! But now I have decided to do the Photo A Day May challenge on Instagram. It’s when you have to post a picture of a certain thing each day for all of May. As the previous photo challenge was so popular I decided to another and share it with you all. But this one will be all my own photography as I have got a lot more into photography lately and have just bought a tripod so I can take better photos and record videos easier. HINT: I will try to record a video this month.


I feel its important to take my own pictures and when possible I want to try and use my own pictures a lot more on here. Hopefully anyway. Also I have really got into editing photos- not cropping my body to make me look skinner or anything- just like adding filters, text, overlays and any other cool editing feature. I use various photo editors online but my favourite and most used is PicMonkey Its so easy to use, has really good editing features and best of all its FREE.


Day 1: Peace


This photo was taken in my garden with daises picked from my garden.


See you tomorrow with another photo!x

Love Rachelx


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