Little Haul For April 2013

Licle Haul

Woooohooo! A haul is normally more for a video but I have not got round to record a video so I decided that I would do a post on it,  especially as I have not done one on here for soooo long. Also hauls are one of my favourite things to watch-as a video- or read- as a post. You get to have a little nosy around what that person has bought and what is in the shops at the moment. Also it inspires you to shop and have a good look at what the trends are. As well you get to know that persons style a bit more- something I <3


This haul is of things I have bought recently and a few that I have had a bit longer but really wanted to share with you. I feel like I am exploring clothes and beauty more so some of the things I have not tried and are not my typical thing to buy for myself.




This nail varnish is a gorgeous colour and is from the new salon pro collection from Rimmel London. Its a nail polish that looks as good as a salon professional nail varnish-although I have not used it, it looks great and I can not wait to use it. Nude is always in but has is especially in now. It was around £4.99 bye the way.(Sorry I got a bit carried away)


Another nail varnish, but the brilliant nail paints from Barry M. These are the best nail varnishes in the high-street without becoming designer e.g Essie. They have amazing colours and I picked up this duck egg blue one, it looks so pretty. I think Zoella has mentioned it on a video, i’m not sure. Anyway it was £2.99 and is so cheap and sooo good. Its a really good brand and I can not wait to use it!



This conceler is really good for only £10. It has a nude/pink conceler base, a nude conceler and finally a transparent setting powder. It creates a long lasting cover and is great under foundation. I love it and its so good. A great product from Soap & Glory!



This is another Soap & Glory product, one for under eyes. It uses a yellowy base colour to cover purply/blue/grey undereyes. It is a good product but I would not die for this product, I could live without it. Its good though for only £9.




I can not wait to use this product!!! I had this in my hair at the hairdressers and then I washed my hair and dried it and it was so flat, I missed the volume. So this product I am going to try. I hope its good and will fill you all in soon. This product and the one below were 2 for £8 and this was supposed to be £5/£6 so great to get another one for a lot less.



This is the other product to the one above. They are both from the same range and apparently its really good, I hope sooooo. This one is a styling spray and hopefully will help to set my hairstyle. It was supposed to be around £5/£6 too so a great bargain in Boots.



I love these soooo much. I actually am wearing one of these now and they look super cute with a pony tail. CUTE! They are good for £3.99 and they are all really cute, well done New Look. There is a nude/pink one, a blue and white spotty one and a cute cream with jewels on. I love these so much, if there is any others I will be buying.



This is another cute hair accessorie that is such a good price. It was around £1/£2 from Primark and is super cute with anything. Rose gold is sooo gorgeous and I loving cute hair accessories so much at the moment.



Another a product I am loving sooo much. It is a shiny glossy hair serum from Toni&Guy. Its so good and gives a natural shine to your hair leaving it looking nice and feel fabulous. I love it and it was around £4, you need only one to two pumps and your ready to go.



River Island is a shop before that I never use to go to because of the price and I never really found anything I liked. But yesterday I went in and loved soo many of the things in there and will definetly be shopping for summer in there. These shoes are gorgeous and perfect for summer with my other pieces. They are gorgeous and were reduced to £15, BARGAIN!



These socks are super cute and just like the Topshop ones but cheaper. They look gorgeous and cute with Converse and are so good for summer. Also they were two pairs for £5 so a bargain and they also have a lace pattern on too so  extra detail.



This candle is good at burning by burning straight and does not go down quickly either. But unfortunately it does not smell when its burnt but burns nicely. But it was only £2/£3 so what do you expect really, I should not been so cheap.



I love this sooooo much. I have always wanted a Ted Baker Washbag and I finally got one as a treat from my mum. It super cute and i’m keeping it for my holiday later in the summer. So excited to use it, but this is an expensive purchase at £25. Brake the bank!



This shower gel is so nice and I love the smell. The brand treaclemoon is supper nice and make luxury shower gels. They also all have a little paragraph on them, they are super cute and add to the uniqueness. Love it, nothing more to say!!!


 I hope you enjoyed having a nosy at what I have bought. I hope it has encouraged you to experiment and go shopping. I will see you in New Look then. Gonna go and read my company magazine and have a good pamper night and use some of my new hair products. EXCITED!!


See you soon lovies



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    • 20th July 2013 / 7:34 PM

      Thankyou for all your lovely comments and I am planning on doing another post like this soon!x

    • 18th May 2013 / 7:10 PM

      I love your blog soooo much. FAB. Glad you like mine too and thanks for visiting!xx