How to- Non School Uniform Day

Non-School Uniform Day

This day is when you don’t have to wear uniform at school. When you get to express your own style and get rid of the horrible green uniform and the lovely stripy tie. (This is not my school uniform but I thought I would describe the worst one I could think of!) This day, especially at my school, is a day that the school dread. A day of no uniform rules, knee length skirts, plain black shoes and shirts and ties. A schools worse nightmare. Often at my school this day can be pretty manic as we often have non- school uniform days to raise money on certain days such as Red Nose Day and Children In Need (don’t most schools) so often have cake sales, activities such as teachers in stocks.


Even though you may be dressing up or just wearing your own clothes their is always some people that just look awful and some people that look like they have painted their foundation on and just got a t-shirt on with nothing else. At most schools this is the case. But there is rules, you don’t just come in some hot pants, what impression is that going to give to the people that only see you in your school uniform, you need to impress and you don’t want people thinking you dress like a tart every weekend.



Do’s and Don’ts


Wear too much makeup. Be natural and just wear a small amount of makeup so you look natural, add a flick of eyeliner for a uniqueness to your look.



Take a small makeup bag with a few essentials so you can top up during the day, such as mascara and conceler.



Plan what you are going to wear so in the morning you don’t have that mad panic where you chuck clothes all over your bedroom and say you have nothing to wear. Plan, Plan, Plan!



Wear heels. Be comfortable and cool. Maybe wear a pair of converse or vans. You could also wear a studded slipper shoe for a more casual with a twist look.



Be confident. Stand proud and you will seem confident to others. This is essential. If you don’t believe in yourself, how are others supposed to.



Try to be someone your not. Just wear something you feel comfortable in and that think best represents you. Be you!


Spend time on your hair and makeup in the morning. It always makes me feel so much better all day if my hair and makeup looks nice. You will feel so confident and chilled throughout the day if you have not had to rush.



Have breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and will set you up for the rest of the day, it will give you energy for all that sponge throwing at teachers.



Rainbow colors. Choice of casual clothes on wooden hangers, isolated on white.

The common question is always in everyone’s mind when there’s a non-school uniform day “What do I wear?” Exactly and if this is you, you are not the only one, when you think I need to go shopping and get a new outfit I have nothing to wear. OMG. You really don’t you just need to know what to put with what.


These items are all under £30 so good for a teenage budget and a little extra for mum or dads purse to add.

Outfit 1

Black and Grey Contrast Sleeve Bomber Jacket £22.99-New Look, Leggings £12.99-H&M, Womens All Star Oxford White £43.00-Schuh,White Ramones Band T-Shirt £14.99-New Look


Outfit 2

 Monochrome Flocked Spot Dip Hem Peplum Top £16.99- New Look, Ballet pumps £14.99-H&M, MOTO Bleach Leigh Jeans £38.00-Topshop



I hope this has helped you, sorry its so late!

Love Rachelx


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